YEP Letters: April 24

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Have we really been saved from disaster?

Roy Pearson, Burmantofts

Cameron and Osborne have been going around the country claiming they rescued Britain from an economic disaster and hard working people are now much better off.

If that is the case why are they not ahead in the opinion polls? Could it be that the people despise the spirit of greed and entitlement that still prevails in the financial sector?

While most house holders are struggling with falling living standards they reward themselves with lavish payouts by manipulating other people’s money.

Could it be that those with power and privilege have created the extraordinary idea that the rich get their incentive to work by offering them more money but the poor get theirs by taking money away from them?

Maybe we have noticed the perilous state of our economy. Another seemingly unnoticed, disastrous balance of payments deficit was announced just last week.

The scaremongering stories about the SNP are one more example of the big lie tactics favoured by the Tories.

Maybe people have seen that the Tory campaign is so crude, awful and full of attacks of a personal nature that they now realise the truth about the Nasty Party. We shall see.

Who’s keeping an eye on the kids?

J Wilson, Burley

HAVING SEEN in various newspapers the parents of young people who have gone off to Syria to join IS berating the police, government, airlines and anybody else they can blame, I find it rather sad.

In the YEP (April 10) we read that two more teenage boys have left to join this murderous scum. They were called “ordinary Yorkshire lads”.

These parents need to open their eyes, do they check their computers?

Ask the Imams at the mosques if they have noticed anything. Where do two 17-year-olds get money from to fly to Turkey? Are they working?

Why should the police or the Government or airlines stop these people? If they go, good riddance.

Take away their passports and don’t let them back into the country.

The parents should confiscate passports anyway and keep an eye on their children instead of blaming everyone else.

They are not children, they are young men and women.

Time to think about the bees

Patricia Narayanan, Gledhow

Yesterday, when I was cycling along Gledhow Valley Road, I came across a man mowing the grass verges: cutting off all the dandelion and celandine heads just at the point when they would be good forage for our bees and other insects.

I noticed, later in the day, that the verges and central reservation on the ring road had also been mown and was dismayed to realise that, in Leeds, we are still mowing all verges!

With so much in the news about the importance of leaving as many acres as possible to flower naturally and, indeed, how important it is to manage public land directly for the benefit of our declining insect populations I would like to request that a stop is put to this practice as soon as possible.

It does seem to me remarkable that a major city, at the forefront of scientific research into the decline in insect populations, that is actively encouraging the seeding of wildflower areas for the benefit of both humans and insects should have a Parks Department that actually removes one of its biggest wildflower resources.

Please stop this activity. You could increase litter-picking, which would also please a lot of people in the city!

Chips are better in dripping

Val Smith, Moortown

IN REPLY to D Sanderson of Yeadon (Your Feedback, April 21) regarding the non-use of beef dripping in fish and chip shops, I worked in a fish and chip shop for 15 years.

Beef dripping was always used, but then in the late 1980s/ early 1990s it was removed – something to do with the EU and the Ministry of Food in the UK – for religious/vegetarian reasons and was replaced with oil.

But yes, I agree with D Sanderson that fish and chips have never tasted the same as when they were made with beef dripping.

Stop funding ‘party princess’

Roger Watkinson, Halton

I THINK it’s time that taxpayers stop funding Prince Andrew and his two freeloading daughters. Princess Beatrice is on her 14th foreign jaunt paid for by the taxpayers.

She is unemployed yet she has all these holidays. This is ridiculous.

Many people in this country can’t afford one holiday.

It is time to stop funding the freeloaders.

We are here to support patients

Philomena Corrigan, Chief Executive, NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group

In response to the article ‘People with hearing loss in Leeds ‘failed’ by NHS hearing aid review’ (YEP, April 16) we wish to clarify the current position.

Since completing our review, we have commissioned additional community providers to help us deliver audiology services including the fitting of hearing aids.

In direct response to the article we wish to confirm that:

Historically patients have not just been referred to the LGI for hearing aid fitting.

There have always been a number of community providers in place and this number has now increased.

Our commissioning decisions have been developed to reduce waiting times for our patients, offer a seamless end to end service and ensure resources are not duplicated.

While acknowledging waiting times for audiology are high we have improved the situation by working with our providers to offer additional clinics. This has resulted in a drop from an average wait of around 23 weeks to 17 weeks. We are confident that waiting times will reduce further and that our patients will benefit from quicker access to appropriate services.

We hope our response reassures your readers that we have plans in place to help support patients who are experiencing hearing loss and that we are working to rectify the historic issues that have resulted in long waiting times.