YEP Letters: April 22

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YOUR SHOCK report that the net flow of immigration into the UK under Labour was ‘underestimated’ by nearly half a million, is just the tip of the iceberg, proving beyond doubt that reckless Labour increased the population by four million in just one decade.

In 1997, New Labour abandoned its traditional core vote for ‘Middle England’ and the deliberate policy of mass immigration to ‘rub the noses of the Tories in it’ according to Peter Mandelson.

While Labour’s social engineering has provided many employers with cheap labour, especially the service sector, to the delight of the restaurant chattering-class – cheap labour has undercut the low paid (and this is the point) all in Labour’s traditional heartlands. Ukip is now moving in.

Labour remain brass necked beyond belief in berating the Tories over controlling immigration, conveniently ignoring their own guilt in creating this mess. Elitist Miliband should stop silly name calling, and concentrate on the rise and rise of Ukip in Labour’s fiefdoms, than in the Tory shires, that’s for sure.

Brian Johnston, Burmantofts, Leeds.

Voyager must be re-instated

I am a frequent user of Leeds/Bradford Airport and of SJK taxis. The fact that the Voyager agreement has been discontinued is absolutely disgraceful and I believe at such short notice.

I have no desire to drag a large suitcase from the free car park to the airport terminal. Is Leeds Bradford deliberately trying to ruin local taxi services or what?

I am flying out to Dublin this week and (through no fault of SJK) will have to pay an extra £2.

SJK Taxis has tried to keep their fares to a minimum throughout these last few years of recession and because of this increased charge are in danger of losing business.

Leeds Bradford are keen for local people to use the airport but the way they are going they are not helping themselves. I suggest they reintroduce the Voyager agreement immediately.


‘Family’ GPs gone forever

KEVIN RITCHIE (YEP, April 12) believes we had better and quicker access to our GPs during the last government. How wrong he is.

The last Labour government gave extra money to GPs for less hours. We lost Saturday mornings and late evening surgeries.

Now you are lucky to see a doctor. It is telephone appointments only. How can a doctor diagnose a patient without seeing them?

Our friendly and competent GP who knew every family member by name has gone forever.

V Bedford, Pudsey

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth.

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