YEP Letters: April 21

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‘I don’t think voting should be made compulsory’ Michael Meadowcroft, Bramley

Like Grant Woodward (Woodward’s World, April 16) I deplore the low registration of electors and the low turnout at recent elections – but I don’t believe making voting compulsory is the answer.

It would be the ultimate demonstration of the failure of parties and politicians to enthuse the electorate to vote.

It would also entrench a voting system that makes two thirds of constituencies safe seats, which is itself a disincentive to voting.

In any case compulsory voting is unenforceable. Is it really envisaged that any sizeable number of abstentions are going to be pursued individually through the courts?

After all, completing the census is a legal obligation but a significant number of people do not do so but are never prosecuted.

What we need is a politics which excites and enthuses the voters. It can certainly be done.

At the French Presidential elections of 2007, even without any postal vote provision, there was a turnout of 87 per cent – higher than at any British General Election.

Making empty promises

Dennis Lemmon, Halton

WITH THE General Election only a short time away, politicians from all parties are making promises that they have no intention of keeping – but the gullible public usually fall for them.

One that sticks in my mind was made by David Cameron, when he said prior to the 2010 election: “I will give you a cast iron guarantee that if the Conservatives win the election then in the lifetime of the next Parliament the country will be given a vote on the Maastricht Treaty.”

You had better get a move on, Dave, you’re going to find it hard to fit that one in in the next couple of weeks!

As the Indians used to say in the old Westerns: “White man speak with forked tongue”. For “white man” just substitute “Tories”.

The best fish and chips by far!

D Sanderson, Yeadon

I AM writing about the YEP fish and chip shop of the year winner, Oceans in Crossgates (YEP, April 16).

I had fish and chips from Oceans, a very nice shop
 and the same applies to the owners and staff. But why are the fish and chips cooked in oil?

Last year’s winner, Key Fisheries, do the same. Traditional fish and chips 
are cooked in beef dripping.

The taste is out of this 

If you have not had fish and chips cooked in beef dripping believe me, you have not had fish and chips!

True meaning of immigration

John Appleyard, Liversedge

There seems to be a proliferation of letters from UKIP supporters hailing Australia’s immigration policies.

But wait a minute, the rulers of Australia have a racist and bigoted past that invaded and occupied a territory where an indigenous people had lived continuously for thousands of years.

A third of Aboriginal children were forcefully removed from their families between 1910 and 1970, making a total of 100,000 stolen children, placed in white missions, institutions and foster homes.

The children were forced into a form of slavery, often physically and sexually abused and denied protection by the state.

Now we hear that the British Government and UKIP supports the European Union’s policy of not picking up refugees in the Mediterranean sea where around 1500 have died this year fleeing poverty and war.

This is the true meaning of immigration controls.

We hear lots of statistics in the run-up to the general election but very little compassion.

Many of the countries in Europe claim to be Christian, but when it comes to drowning refugees at sea it appears there is no room at the inn.

Get rid of police commissioners

Roger Watkinson, Halton

I HOPE whoever governs after the election come to their senses and get rid of the police commissioners.

They are just a waste of taxpayers’ money. We do not need them.

They are not qualified to do the job and on very high salaries funded from taxpayers.

I hope the Home Secretary gets rid and takes the job on herself if re-elected.

YEP – something for everyone

Edna Levi, Moortown

CONGRATULATIONS ON the issue of the YEP on Friday, April 17. You really surpassed yourself this time, with all the different articles and subjects covered.

I especially enjoyed the feature on the wartime flyers and the supplement was so very interesting. There was something for everyone.

Really good, keep it up.

Shall we stop David’s wages?

Nick Pearson, Gipton

Ed Miliband accused David Cameron of being offered the job of becoming our next Prime Minister but not turning up for the interview (in the form of the BBC election debate).

If normal job seekers do not turn up for job interviews they are sanctioned and have their benefits stopped for between 13 and 26 weeks.

Shouldn’t David Cameron therefore have his wages stopped for this amount of time?

No one can stop ‘high earners’

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

In their manifesto the Lib Dems say they will put a stop to any” irresponsible” tax cuts for higher earners that George Osborne might be planning.

Clegg and the rest of the bearded sandal wearers long for a tax regime where it’s not possible for anyone to be a higher earner.

Doesn’t Clegg realise that humans don’t function efficiently when there is no incentive to work?

The yellow party will still be crying “redistribution of income” as they disappear into the dustbin of political history, possibly quite soon.