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Go Ape will bring benefits to park

Jim Smith, Whitkirk

Temple Newsam park is in my opinion is the best park in Leeds, that is if Leeds City Council, spends the correct amount of hard cash on its maintenance budget. Which they don’t.

If you look closely, the park gardens, stable court yard, woodlands and roads are all slowly going downhill. I could list what the park has lost over the past 20 years through lack of cash for its upkeep. So after a some soul searching, I have come down on the side of the Go Ape, and this is why.

Go Ape will have to supply on site security, badly needed, the car parks are not fit for purpose, the woodlands require maintenance.

The footpaths need repairs, the pollution in the lake will have to be tackled. This work will have to be done, they are all very big pluses for the park. It would be a very big minus if Go Ape did not come and with all the new visitors to the park we just might get the correct level of maintenance required. If not, in the years to come it won’t be just we are going to close half your golf course down, we don’t have the money for its upkeep.

Then what happens to the parkland? Land grab? Building?

Support for city underground transport idea

D Angood, by email

Well said Neil Hudson (‘Leeds needs an underground’, YEP April 15) on all points, think you have voiced the opinion of many.

The “faffing about” with silly solutions, the cycle tracks, the small, not very meaningful schemes that are planned. Has anybody taken notice of any of the ideas put forward during the transport consultations?

One can be sure there were a number of practical and viable submissions made, the negative being that only the council got to review them and so they remain a mystery.

The council and the WYCA have not inspired the population with any confidence that any decisions will be of an advantageous or beneficial nature - at least not for the majority. I am sure that many will agree with your comments about the super cycle highway and the conduct of some users or should we term them “abusers”. The carriageway has been severely reduced in many areas to accommodate this abomination, to such a degree that any vehicle stopping immediately becomes an obstruction.

Regarding the underground, it is a similar situation to the rail link between the Harrogate and Wharfedale lines via an airport station. The technology, the equipment and the expertise are all there, what it needs is someone with the guts to say, yes this is what is needed and fight for the funding.

Do the local council and WYCA inspire any positive thoughts in that direction? Would an elected mayor show such courage or would they be hamstrung by party politics? Does that emphasise the case for an independent candidate if the position arises?

Martin Schweiger, Leeds 8

Just a note of support for Neil Hudson in calling for an underground transport system for Leeds.

With the right support that could be a locally owned venture with Leeds residents jointly paying for the scheme which they will be using.

Enthusiasm, courage and utilising the skills of our universities, industries and people could go a long way to delivering a transport system we can be proud if.

Demonstrate Easter message

B Smith, Leeds 7

Alan Shipman’s comments concerning Holy Week (YEP Letters April 15) ring true but is it only sport that is to blame?

Where is the ‘Christian marketing’ machine these days? On our journey to the retail theme park that is Leeds city centre, our bus slowed to allow the passage of the procession celebrating Vaisakhi.

Many hundreds, perhaps a thousand or more, of our Sikh community were on the march to celebrate the festival. Where was the visible church witness for Easter? Hearing ‘Bishop Nick’ on radio, this morning, was to listen to the usual pious platitudes dribbled out from times past.

As for our Leeds Minster, it looks as shut up and deserted as it did when it was Leeds Parish Church.

If the Easter message is so powerful, when will Christians march and demonstrate it? There may be more respect for Holy Week when Christians make a visible stand.

Trump showing off big boy’s toys

Derek Barker, Moortown

It could only happen in America where anyone can run for the office of President.

The only other countries which have undiplomatic, bullying egomaniacs as political leaders are acknowledged as being governed by dictatorships.

In the past I have often knocked our own political establishment for being out of touch with the ordinary people, but at least our career politicians will explore every diplomatic avenue to resolve a situation and only use military force as a last resort, unless of course parliament has been deliberately mislead as to the causes for taking military action. I think that someone should point out to President Trump that when a business deal turns sour no one gets killed, but when political relationships turn sour tens of millions, and under the present threat of nuclear war, billions of people could be killed.

The American dropping of the ‘mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan last week was to my mind simply the act of the new kid on the block showing off his big boy’s toys, and demonstrating that he is not afraid to authorise his military to use them while he is thousands of miles away just a few minutes from his underground bunker.

I just wish that Theresa May would stop acting like a groupie waiting outside the stage door in the hope of clinching a post Brexit deal whenever she hears the name Trump mentioned.

Business people are just as adept at saying one thing then doing exactly the opposite as any politician.

UK poor ‘don’t get a look in’

B Leonard, by email

Reading Coun Caroline Anderson’s report on nursing home care plus all the shortfalls money-wise in the NHS, schools, etc, it’s about time something was done about all the money sent and wasted on foreign aid.After all in the Easter message from the PM she tells us England is proud to look after the poor people of the world and give aid where it is needed most, but it seems the poor and the care of the old people in England don’t get a look in. It is about time the aid was cut and some spent in the UK.

Not fooled on council spending

Judy Goodwin, Altofts

MP Yvette Cooper asks us not to be fooled by council cuts as it is the government to blame by imposing cuts in revenue given to councils (YEP Letters, April 17)

No Ms Cooper, we are not fooled, when you were in government your old boss Tony Blair spent money we did not have on wars etc and of course the disastrous PFI leaving the country up to its eyes in debt.

And it was another of your old bosses Gordon Brown who unleashed the idea that councils could think of themselves as big business with fancy names and big salaries.

Any council that can afford to pay anyone more than the Prime Minister is not broke. East Hampshire council has cut its council tax by two per cent for the second year running with a view of ending it altogether by 2021.

Better to clean bus windows

Hilary Andrews, Leeds

I SAW a wonderful sight the other morning as I was travelling into Leeds on the bus.

A council van had stopped at one of the bus stops on the way and a man was cleaning the windows of the bus stop.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if he could have expended his energy on cleaning the bus windows so we could have seen where we were going?

Leave space for wheelchairs

From: Don Webb, Rothwell.

regarding vehicles parking on pavements.

Those who leave space for one wheelchair to pass seem to forget that wheelchairs are not programmed to follow each other and sometimes meet going in opposite directions, so space for two wheelchairs to pass each other safely is the minimum space required.