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People who have drunk too much on nights out could be given water and flat shoes by “street pastors” brought in by Wakefield Council. It is among measures being considered to make the district a safer place. A report to the council’s cabinet said a street pastor scheme was already in place in Barnsley to help people who were vulnerable through alcohol. Here’s what YEP readers think about the proposal..

Annie Cambridge

REALLY? This is disgusting... why don’t you try help homeless get off the streets, rather than help idiots that can’t handle drinking?

Helen Goodliffe

It’s a waste of time and money, if people chose to drink to excess, which many do, surely it’s their own fault and if they are shoeless and dehydrated.

The money would be better spent where it is really needed.

Rob Wilson

All the people running this down need to get out to see the work the street angels do.. it’s mostly not people who’ve chosen to drink to excess, they’re vulnerable because they’ve been spiked, they’ve drunk too much in order to cope with a bad experience, fall out with friends/partners etc.

The last shift I did in Leeds with the street angels we saved a girl from being raped.

It’s not either/or, you can still help the homeless whilst also showing some compassion for others.

Halinka Smart

I worked in town and I’ve seen the work these guys do. Some of the people they help aren’t smashed and shoeless, the group I saw were helping homeless as well. A lot of people are saying this is a waste of time, it’s not! Yes, some people don’t know their limits but when a girl has lost her mates and is passed out in a doorway she needs help! If it was your mate you’d hope someone would.

Don’t judge as everyone enjoys a night out and ladies how many of you that go out and your feet hurt? Flip flops aren’t just for the drunk. These guys are trying to keep people as safe as they can. As for teaching kids about the dangers, in my kid’s school they do from year six.

Gemma Sedohr

Homelessness should be prioritised. The devastating cuts that have seen the number of people without a home and having to sleep on the streets have sky rocketed. This should be addressed as a matter of urgency. Would love to see everyone helped and don’t disagree with watching out for young drunk people but I would like to see more pressing social issues addressed in a sensibly prioritised manner.

Martin Walker

How are the idiot nightclub goers considered “vulnerable”? They chose to drink too much. Save the money for the homeless and kids forced onto the streets. Let the others suffer for their own choices!

Marie Brown

Flip flops, if I wore them I would end up in A&E . Maybe start fining pubs and clubs for not being responsible and telling people they have had enough.

Darryl Calvert

Now we are supposed to pay for inconsiderate idiots to be safe when they go out to deliberately over drink and cause mayhem. How about you use the money to convert empty buildings into safe homes for vulnerable street people? Or better yet, take some of the council leaders’ exorbitant wage and expense account and use that to buy flip flops for drunk people!

Richard Matthews

Many volunteer groups go out nightly and support the homeless as best they can provide fiod drink clothes and bedding when they can. Equally Red Frogs and others have been going out into bar areas and looking after students with water pancakes and flipflops.

What about the fact that Leeds City Council are closing the supported living hostels for vulnerable homeless like Bracken Court in June. National eviction team will be busy. Tent City in Millennium Square.

Sharron Walker

who’s paying for this? We don’t need or want 24hour drinking laws, close the bars at midnight.

Tara Cook

Prosecute bars and clubs for serving alcohol to people already excessively drunk and remove the licences of repeat offenders. People need to be responsible for their own behaviour, not be told that someone will look after them if they get too drunk to function. Most if not all licensed bars will give you water free if you ask.

Branches without roots

IC Rex, Leeds

SO our last ‘local’ building

society calls time on inner Leeds.

Yes, the Leeds and Holbeck, also known as Leeds Building Society, is to close the Armley, Harehills and Beeston branches, leaving some North Leeds branches open.

Are we second class citizens, not affluent enough, left to go fishing for transactions and forget personal service?

Only the Morley branch is south of the river; I wonder what the originators of the Leeds and Holbeck would say?

Help find cure for Parkinson’s

Jane Asher, President, Parkinson’s UK

THANKS to research and modern technology, we live in an era when medical breakthroughs are producing results that truly transform people’s lives.

But it’s shocking that the foremost drug that people with Parkinson’s rely on, those like my brother-in-law Gordon Scarfe, has not changed in over 50 years.

According to new findings from Parkinson’s UK, released to highlight this month’s Parkinson’s Awareness Week, misunderstanding about Parkinson’s is still widespread, and it’s time to create greater awareness that it causes so much more than just a tremor. We need to drive forward research: the science is ready and we have the know-how.

This year is the 200th anniversary of the condition being described by Dr James Parkinson, and Parkinson’s UK has launched its first ever public fundraising appeal, We Won’t Wait, to raise the funds urgently needed to tackle the condition head on.

It will be too late for my beloved brother-in-law, but I would love to see a medical breakthrough for Parkinson’s during my lifetime, and I hope that your readers will join me in donating to We Won’t Wait.

To find out more about the We Won’t Wait campaign and to donate, please visit

More respect for Holy Week

Alan Shipman, Leeds 13

Is it acceptable that in a supposedly Christian society, professional sport can be allowed on two of the holiest days in the calendar, Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

There is ample time on Saturday and Monday for matches to be scheduled without encroaching on to sacred festivals.

Indeed Holy Week in general needs to be respected more. Christmas Day is kept free of sport, so there is no reason why Good Friday and Easter Sunday should be exceptions.