YEP Letters: April 14

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Centre’s not the place for a new Wetherspoon’s

Alan Slomson, Chairman, North Hyde Park Neighbourhood Association

Jonathan Morgan (Your Feedback, April 11) has not understood why so many local people oppose the proposal by JD Wetherspoon to convert the former Elinor Lupton Centre on Headingley Lane into what would be a very large pub.

Wetherspoon’s has a good reputation for the sympathetic conversion of buildings and for running good pubs.

The problem is that the Elinor Lupton Centre is in a residential area roughly midway between the Hyde Park pub and the many pubs and bars of central Headingley, which attract many drinkers, with all the attendant problems that go along with the current fashion for binge drinking among many young people.

If the building became a pub it would become a popular haunt, probably another stopping off point for students engaged in the Otley Run.

Also, it might then be difficult to resist proposals for similar conversions of some of the large houses nearby. The whole character of Headingley Hill would have changed for the worse.

Our understanding is that when Wetherspoon’s approached the council five or six years ago they were told by planning officers that the Elinor Lupton Centre was not an appropriate site for a pub. We agree with this.

Mr Morgan says that Wetherspoon’s “appear to be reasonably community minded”.

We hope this is correct, and that they will respect local opinion and look for a more suitable place in which to open a pub.

Drivers need to keep skills up

Joan Kaye, Armley

Thank you to Martin McFadden (Your Feedback, April 10) for agreeing with me, albeit reluctantly, about turning the wheels to the kerb when you park.

But yes, you did ‘rattle my cage’ by blaming instructors for the dangerous practice of leaving a car in neutral. I explained that this was a misconception.

I cannot see where I suggested that you condoned the dodgy driving manoeuvres so often seen on our roads.

I merely pointed out that you possibly would like to blame us, the advanced driving instructors, for them in the same way that you presumed we taught nothing more than handbrake/neutral.

Part of the problem on our roads is that those who have been driving for many years have not necessarily kept up to date with modern methods

This is where refresher lessons would be beneficial with an assessment every 10 years in order to keep up to date at the very least.

Then, of course, there are the people who don’t care about their driving habits provided they get from A to B as quickly as possible. But that is another story!

Spikes get rid of social problems

John Hutchinson, Kippax

With regard to the story about the “spikes” outside the Boar Lane/Briggate branch of McDonald’s (YEP, April 11). Sorry, but I can only agree with McDonald’s on this.

I have witnessed numerous incidents of anti-social behaviour outside this restaurant over the years and since the “spikes” appeared – complete with rounded ends, but still uncomfortable to sit on – this has stopped.

I don’t see how this can in any way be seen as an affront against rough sleepers.

Incidentally, after reading this story, I noticed for the first time that the Yorkshire Building Society over the road also has similar “spikes” on its ledges, albeit white and not green. Is there a petition to get those removed as well?

Match police are living in the past

Phil Roche, Garforth

I REFER to Andy John’s recent letter (Your Feedback, April 13) regarding the alleged ill-treatment of Cardiff fans.

Unfortunately this treatment is not the sole experience of Cardiff supporters.

Our experience of visiting the Cardiff City Stadium was not only unnecessary but due to the police demands of waiting for all the Leeds coaches to arrive at the local service station and delivery to the ground 10-15 minutes before kick-off to be searched and squeezed through two open turnstiles, it was a tragedy waiting to happen.

It appears that the police are still living in bygone days and wanting to maintain the “stand-off” between fans; happy to be the controlling power (with overtime).

There is nothing better than the interchange and friendly banter between fans; the majority of fans are mature and responsible – despite the actions of a minority of moronic individuals.

‘Improvements’ don’t improve

David Daniel, Seacroft

REGARDING the recent mention of good pubs in Leeds. I used to visit the Ship Inn, just off Briggate in Leeds.

The floor is heavy oak and the spillage of ale, soaking in over hundreds of years, gave off a warm, mellow, wonderful aroma.

Then came carpets and other ‘improvements’. To my mind much of the character of this old hostelry was lost. If it doesn’t need fixing, don’t touch it!

Traitors always a threat to UK

Brian Nickson, Wakefield

I WOULD like to thank Terry Rafferty for expressing his views (Your Feedback, April 11) regarding the traitors who leave this country to support the likes of so-called ‘“Islamic State” and other barbaric regimes.

I absolutely concur with his sentiments.

However, I would add that instead of attempting to prevent these people from leaving, we should do everything in our power to encourage them to go.

They all make a conscious decision to accept the twisted ideology of these groups and are fully aware of the possible consequences.

We most definitely do not want people with this type of mindset in this country and we should expend all our energy on preventing them from returning.

Once radicalised, they will always pose a potential threat and our safety should always be the first priority.