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Litter at county’s beauty spots: your views

Some of Yorkshire’s most picturesque landscapes were left strewn with litter following the weekend’s hot spell sparking major public outrage. Visitors dumped rubbish on Scarborough’s beaches and litter was also left behind on Ilkley’s famous moor and near the river – all popular tourist destinations for Leeds residents. Here’s what YEP readers had to say about the problem..

Maria Parkins

It’s a constant problem everywhere you go. People seem to throw their rubbish/fast food wrappers/cigarette packets/drinks bottles etc wherever they finish them, without actually carrying them a bit further to the nearest bin or even home. The streets of Leeds are filthy (curbsides, next to hedges etc) and nothing seems to be getting done about it.

Lisa Sandiforth

Some people are just pure tramps. It all starts when they’re young and the parents don’t make them pick litter up that they have dropped. I go mad if one of my kids drops or throw litter, they’re made to pick it up and hold it until we pass a bin.

Barbara Thomas

It’s a constant problem! Drivers around the Stanningley bypass and the ring road down to Rodley sling all sorts of rubbish out of their cars - it can’t be pedestrians because people don’t walk down there. Put an empty carrier next to the driver’s seat, and put your rubbish in that. Take it home and bin it.

Amelia Asquith Barraclough

It really annoys me, wherever you go people seem happy to just leave their rubbish. This includes folk who think it’s acceptable to pick their dog mess up and then leave the bags in the crevices of walls or hung in trees.

How annoying, we are surrounded by some wonderful places, yet people seem intent on spoiling these places. No bin or full bin, take your rubbish home (including dog poo), it isn’t difficult!

Susan Hardaker

It’s disgusting when people drop litter they have no respect for the towns and countryside I wish there was a way to give them all a big fine or do community service picking litter up!

Lesley Thornton

It’s not just beauty spots it’s everywhere. Even litter dropped on the floor by the side of bins. There’s just no respect anymore and it’s not just kids.

Jeanette Fieldhouse

It’s not just beauty spots it happens all over Leeds and the country.

People nowadays have a serious lack of respect for the environment and other people living or visiting the area.

How hard is it to bag your rubbish up and take it home with you or put it in a bin (if there is one)?

Maybe they should put the Keep Britain Tidy campaign ads back on TV and billboards and go into schools to educate the children, so hopefully the message will get through to every age.

Lee Greaves

It’s just pure laziness and a total lack of care and disregard for the country in which you live. The “not my problem innit” mentality that seems to be prevalent in society lately. It’s really not that hard to keep rubbish in your pocket/bag/vehicle until you can find somewhere to dispose of it properly!

Alison Booth

I was in Bruges in December and Switzerland three weeks ago. Didn’t see a single piece of litter anywhere. High fines plus a sense of personal responsibility lie behind it.

Celia Douthwaite

We have the same untidy people who visit Shetland but in July and August all the schools and parents go out and do what is called reddup, or clean up, of rubbish and adults also go around clearing beaches which are littered by people with boats both large and small and even rubbish from the USA.

Julia Kapherr

Broken bottle Britain. Litter is everywhere. Saw a van driver throwing a can out of the window driving along a country road yesterday. No respect for anything and agree that mainly it’s adults!

Paul Reucroft

“But the bins are full” is not an excuse.Take your litter with you. If you can carry it there full, you can take it home empty. People shouldn’t go anywhere without being prepared to take home their own rubbish.

Louise Godfrey

Just been on my daily dog walk to Lotherton Hall, I always clean up after my dogs, it’s a shame some of the families that filled the place yesterday don’t do the same, today I have for the second day picked up dirty nappies, cans and spiky metal bottle tops all of which can be dangerous to my dogs, wildlife, and other visitors. when the Easter holidays are over, the staff will have all the rubbish to collect, just like they did when they had a Christmas event. It is so frustrating when there are bins on every corner!

Beverly Golesworthy

There are three litter bins in my vicinity - one outside Tesco, one opposite next to a bench, and one outside the pizza shop. And still I frequently see litter blown into the main road or our gardens.

Darryl Calvert

If the bins are full that means that staff are busy making sure you all have a nice time, Take your rubbish home! You took it there, you should take it back, it is disgusting the attitude of people these days, and not one ounce of shame amongst them. You will all soon start whingeing if you have to pay to cover the cost of extra refuse cleaners. The irony is that most of the offenders will be ardent home recyclers.

Anca Ioana

More education needed and more bins needed and more wardens to enforce it. Last year at Bridlington nappies and tissues were thrown in the sea and of course the usual bottles and crisps bags. Disgusting.

Julie Jones

See the positive. More people visiting the area so put more collections on. People have obviously gone to the bins. Also there has been good weather followed by bad so litter gets blown everywhere. Let’s thank people for visiting our beauty spots and find solutions to the problems instead of complaining and doing nothing.

Sarah Louise Limbert

We were at Roundhay on Saturday and litter was everywhere. Someone had placed a lit disposable BBQ in one bin and it was smoking away. I just put all ours back in the bag we brought. It takes two mins to empty it into bin at home when we are back.

Sharron Walker

More bins, frequent emptying, will go along way, but people take your rubbish home if the bin is full, it isn’t rocket science, and teach your children to do the same.

Damian Gale

Who’s to blame though, the people who tried to get their rubbish in the full bin and got frustrated because it was full or the council who should regularly be emptying them?

Wherever you go count how many bins you see to the size of the area, the council need to put out more bins and increase the size of them.

I’m not condoning leaving rubbish at the side of the bin but the councils should be emptying them more frequently. A few small bins in public areas just aren’t enough anymore in this day and age of more paper and plastics rubbish. Maybe police it a bit more in public areas and not focus on the city so much, employ park rangers to keep an eye on the parks/public places and beaches. No point reporting on it as this will change nothing, people, young kids especially, will still litter.

Kenny Dalglish. Picture by Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

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