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City centre parking charge rise: your views

An increase in evening and weekend parking charges in Leeds city centre - and a scrapping of free bank holiday parking except on Christmas Day - has been signed off by council bosses. The higher rates apply to Leeds City Council managed parking spaces only and will help generate up to £700k of additional annual income for the public purse. At the moment council spaces are free on bank holidays. The new bank holiday charges only apply in the city centre and other areas are not affected. As well as the new bank holiday fees the evening 6pm to 10pm rate will rise to £3 from £2. The four-hour rate for Sundays will double from £1 to £2 and the over-five-hours fee will go up from £4 to £5. Here’s what YEP readers said about the proposals.

Maria Parkins

Leeds is so much more expensive for parking than every other West Yorkshire town - and given that Leeds city centre isn’t as good as it used to be for shopping, it’s often nicer to drive out somewhere else to shop - be it the White Rose Centre or even further across the county.

Paul Dishman

Compares well to other major cities. I’ve paid more in Newcastle and Manchester and a quick check with Parkopedia suggests not bad value.

The days of parking free in any city worth going to are long gone.

I can still park for five hours cheaper than the price of two day riders when we want to go.

Gavin Lee Battensby

It already put me off many years ago, I used to work the doors in Leeds, small hours for not much money, then they introduced parking fees and took away single yellow lines after 6pm. I went to work in York where there is plenty of free parking still available in the city centre after 6pm.

Alan Ossitt

I won’t go into Leeds as the costs of parking already too high without the rises. Go to Bradford and charges are much lower or free at some places like Forster Square for example which is a five minute walk from the town centre.

Ben Ryder

The way to boost the retail economy is by making it more expensive to park or more inconvenient by using an unreliable, over-priced and largely dilapidated public transport system. Still, it’s good news for the White Rose Centre.

Craig Farquharson

Stopped going a long while ago like most of my friends, it’s just ridiculous. I do feel for the poor shop owners, the council will only be happy when they go bust.

Chris Procter

Just in time for the expansion of the White Rose shopping centre and the construction of the Thorpe Park shopping centre, what a great idea.

Steve Carr

Well the White Rose and Junction 32 will get busier they put the rates up but offer nothing in return!

Brendon Bremner Sullivan

Wait until there’s a congestion charge in the city, I’m sure it’s coming.

Mark Jenkin

And then they wonder why people don’t shop in Leeds and go to places like White Rose and other shopping centres where the parking is free.

Marie Brown

Why not park and ride? I can’t believe someone thinks city centre isn’t good for shopping and White Rose is better. The mind boggles.

Richard Jackson

An extra £700000 for the council to spend on rubbish causes. Fix the roads now.

Johnny Abraham

Another stab in the back for retailers and businesses in Leeds. The sooner Leeds voters get the Labour councillors out, the better.

Richard Hathaway

Leeching off the drivers again, shopping centres will soon be too expensive to visit.

Chris Baines

Greedy. Same as charging £3 to pick up folk from Leeds and Bradford airport, embarrassing. Do Manchester charge anything to drop off and pick up? No they don’t.

Dorcas Kirk

Don’t mind paying more, what I don’t like is not being given change. That’s is daylight robbery.

Jason Logan

Oh smashing, not only does the council tax increase they’re now increasing parking charges as well. Is there anything more this Labour council wants us to pay for?

Neil Hudson

Great thinking from the council. High parking charges always encourages people to come and spend money in the city centre!

Wax On, via website

I’m choking on this thick city smog here councillors. I agree that it should be made more costly to drive through and park in our future health conscious city. But I don’t think you are going far enough. Short journey vehicle users especially should be taxed the highest. Pricing out vehicles, like charging for carrier bags is the only way to get the lazy to rethink the damage and cost in commuting to (our) town.

Clive Says Ranieri In, via website

It’s getting like York now, first obscene parking charges, next it will be charging for the art gallery. They’re upgrading it so get ready for them to announce an admission fee when it reopens. A £3 fixed fee for evening parking is ridiculous. John Lewis have brought their closing time back to 7, so you’ll only have an hour to shop there, plus if you park at 9 you’ll have to pay £3 for an hour.

Malpal17, via website

With the proposed £70 fine for parking cars with two wheels on the kerb it is about time Leeds Council made parking one of its main tasks.

Suggest all grass verges at the side of roads be converted into parking areas which would then make the roads wider,cars must take priority over grass in suburban Leeds in the 21st century.

Gizmo88, via website

Be realistic though people. Nobody likes the cost of anything going up at any point and we all love a good old moan about it and use any excuse to bash Leeds City Council (because apparently no other council is doing the same).

Is £5 for all day parking really that bad in comparison to the price vs service of buses or taxi fees in and out of town?

Let’s not be victims here but be real and realise that prices of everything will go up (just like our demands on more parking etc that we will want for free) and if you aren’t happy about paying it and contributing a bit extra to your council, then by all means go spend that extra fiver on petrol or diesel to go elsewhere where your parking is free.

Headingley, via website

Still cheaper than almost all the commercial operators. Parking charges should be part of the council’s transport policy and used to discourage drivers in the city centre. You will never get anyone saying that they want to pay more for something.