YEP Letters: April 11

Bruno's  Hair Salon, Harehills Road, Leeds John Kay and Dave Webster who are hanging up their scissors   9th april 2018
Bruno's Hair Salon, Harehills Road, Leeds John Kay and Dave Webster who are hanging up their scissors 9th april 2018
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A barber in Harehills is hanging up his scissors for the final time next week after 54 years in the business. Sixty-nine-year-old John Kay started working at Bruno’s Men’s Salon aged just 15 after his dad opened the shop in 1964. Generations of men have visited Bruno’s Men’s Salon since it opened with loyal customers returning from as far as Amsterdam to get their hair cut. Mr Kay said: “It’s going to be quite emotional closing after all these years. All our customers are regulars. We’ve even had grown men going out of here crying as they’ve said goodbye.” Mr Kay retires alongside fellow barber David Webster - 62 - who started working in the shop 36 years ago. Here’s what some YEP readers have said about the barbers on social media..

Peter Hayley Kane

Spent many hours in the chair there, John, Dave (and Shaun) will be sadly missed. Best wishes to them in their retirement.

The barber of today could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Dave Gaughan

Saturday afternoons with the teletext going for the racing and football results - iconic is a word that should be saved for truly special places and Bruno’s is one of them.

Jimmy Clarke

Had my first hair cut approx 1975 by Bruno himself, end of an era.

Olivia Lefevre

Such a lovely report. Ridiculously proud of my Grandad. After following in Great Grandad Bruno’s footsteps, he is finally hanging up his scissors and retiring.

Both my grandad (John) and David are offering free hair cuts on Wednesday morning for St Gemma’s Hospice for their final day of work.

Any support would be hugely appreciated.

Umair Meer

Nooooo! Nowhere else is as good. I hate having to go to other barbers to get my hair cut. Absolutely gutted but enjoy your retirement gents, you’ve earned it.

Tony Burrows

The nicest pair of blokes you will ever meet.

Myself, my dad and my son have all gone there over the years so three generations. So sad to see them go but I wish them all the best.

‘Buster’ Scanlon

Proud to have worked here, I got taught a lot in the Saturday job I had from 14, a very shy young boy to a very confident young man at 20 years old.

I’ve been lucky to have had two jobs in my life. Thank you John, Dave and all the best in your retirement.

Andrew Ferguson

I’ve not been in years as I no longer live in Leeds. My first visit to a barbers once my mum stopped cutting my hair. This is a sad day and one of the last few reminders of Harehills from the good old days.

Nigel Dickinson

Been going to Bruno’s for over 45 years had my first proper haircut from John’s father Bruno himself. They used to put a little chair on top of the big chair so you were the right height. Fantastic pair of blokes, will be sadly missed, happy retirement John and Dave.

Martin Flanagan

I’m 54 and having been to Bruno’s since I was about eight years old I’m really going to miss these to great barbers and more importantly fantastic people.

David J. Hopkins

I’ve been going there for years, they are both great guys. I remember Bruno cutting my hair whilst I sat in the booster seat.

John Dempsey

So many years going to John and David. They’ve seen the curls the hair getting shorter and the gradual greying. They are missing the balding bit though. Good luck to you both and thank you.

Kevin Coates

Started visiting this hairdressers when John’s dad Bruno had it 56 years ago. Have a good retirement John and Dave. Will miss you guys.

Sabrina Myers

My son had his first ever haircut here and hasn’t let anyone else touch his hair in 20 years, such a shame.

Sunny Bond

Good luck and all the fun times to come in retirement from Bobby (Bobby Sweet Centre). We all from Bobby’s had our hair cut from Bruno’s. We remained best friends since 1963.

Cheryl Brown

All the best for your retirement gentlemen. Cut my boys hair from them being babies. Thankyou xx

Julie Hall

So sad, will be missed by many cut my dad’s and my brothers hair and my son’s, all the best to you both.

Jackie Kendall

What great memories of three generations of our family going there. Happy retirement.

Stacey Fitzgerald

Happy retirement to you both,been a regular for 30 years approximately and will never forget one Saturday morning very early whilst it was still dark outside they had a power cut halfway through getting my barnet cut.

Dave said I’ll sort it and went out to his car and drove it up to the window with headlights on full then came back in saying ‘sorted’ and finished cutting my hair (was the best cut I’ve had) enjoy your retirement guys.

Darren Sebine

One of the saddest days for Harehills. Brother and school mate worked at Bruno’s and got some great memories from going in there. You always knew someone who was getting a hair cut.

All the best from an old Harehills lad on the other side of the world, Perth, Australia. Good luck for the future.