YEP Letters: April 11

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Speed on city’s roads shouldn’t be over 20mph

David Lloyd, Farsley

I AM sure your readers are shocked to read in the YEP details of the appalling accidents and fatalities on roads in Leeds.

Most accidents are the result of speeding. Apart from the terrible injuries, have the authorities thought about the cost? The police and other rescue services have to come to the site of the accident and help the injured and clear up the debris.

Why don’t the Government and the local authority take action? All roads within the city should be not more than 20mph.

Can we see more cameras and speed restraint and offending drivers severely fined and banned from driving?

I have been driving down Town Street in Farsley and have been overtaken, a very dangerous thing to do.

All drivers must surely understand that there are too many cars on the roads and they just have to be patient.

Debate needed on proposals

Jonathan Morgan, Morgans letting agents, Headingley

The Elinor Lupton Centre on Headingley Lane is a landmark that has stood empty since 2008.

In its current boarded-up, state it looks very different from the stunning building that had been a Headingley icon for more than 100 years.

JD Wetherspoon has bought the building and is keen to transform it into a pub and hotel, which has unsurprisingly divided local opinion.

There has been opposition to the plans on the basis that some residents don’t want any more pubs, but also considerable positive feedback, the thrust of which is mainly around the need to preserve the building.

I don’t think we should dismiss Wetherspoon’s plans without having a sensible debate about their detailed proposals. They have achieved great things with many heritage buildings around the country.

They are a big employer, appear to be reasonably community minded and they sell beer produced by local brewers.

Despite similar initial concerns from locals, the company’s venues have proved popular in the upmarket towns of Ilkley and Harrogate.

After a number of failed proposals for the building, there is a real chance that JD Wetherspoon could give the Elinor Lupton Centre a new lease of life.

Council tax is very unfair

V Bedford, Pudsey

AS A pensioner living in a modest three-bedroom house, I find the council tax so unfair.

Most of my neighbours’ homes have been extended to four and five bedroom homes. Some are double the size of the original house but their council tax is the same as mine.

My local MP said when the homeowners sell up the new owners will have their council band looked into.

But in the meantime, it does not seem fair to me.

We must not lose our NHS

Mel Smart, Farsley

THERE is so much criticism of the NHS these days. I must be on another planet because my experiences of it have been nothing short of outstanding.

I had two minor operations last year and could not find a fault with my treatment.

One thing which does scare me, however, is that the Tories will devastate the NHS.

They have never been in favour of it right from its inception and will privatise it the first chance they get.

This will cause standards to fall. They have to, because instead of providing a service the mighty dollar rules and profit becomes the first objective.

Thank God we do not yet have the American model where if you cannot pay, you die. And that will happen over here if the Tories get in power again. Bear that in mind when you come to vote.

Can we follow Greece’s lead?

Ernest Lundy, Beeston

Greece has apparently obtained some stunning evidence for a convenient way to acquire funds to repay its massive debts.

They claim the evidence is accurate enough to support claims for war reparations from Germany worth £203.4bn.

I wonder if we too could establish claims to repay our debts and solve our problems from the same source?

Or is that just ‘pie-in-the sky’, and the opposite of what the US and British governments did in giving priority to getting their countries’ industries back into operation, while ignoring any real attempt to compensate those who had suffered most from the deprecations of the Axis powers, for which, some 70 years later, we have just finished paying off the ‘Lease Lend’ debt.

Why did we not make our enemies pay? If the Greeks prove successful then so should we be.

Fallon should look at himself

R Kimble, Hawksworth

What a nasty little man you are Michael Fallon, with your ‘backstabber’ jobes at Ed Miliband. Shall we put you under the microscope and see what your motivations are for entering politics? Delve into your psychopathology?

Look unto yourself afore you criticise others, my man. Hypocrisy is not a clever human trait and carrying out character assassinations on other people makes them look more closely at you.

Don’t allow traitors back

Terry Rafferty, Bramley

As a former soldier with a son still serving in the Army, can I suggest that those who turn traitor to their country and go join a group of barbarians who behead and murder anyone who isn’t a Muslim are never allowed back in this country?

And if they try they should be arrested on the spot and charged with treason.

Council needs more bottle

David Edwards, Leeds

Given Leeds City Council’s drive to increase recycling, can I ask why glass bottles and jars aren’t collected along with the rest of our household waste?

Other authorities around the country do it but in Leeds we have to drive to the nearest bottle bank.

Hardly environmentally friendly, is it?