YEP Letters: April 11

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RECENTLY FOUR of us travelled from Leeds Bradford International Airport. We travel five or six times per year and so you could say we are regulars there.

On arrival we were told that there is now a smoking area airside – great stuff! – or so we thought. Rather than stand out in the cold in front of the terminal building, we went through security to find it. When we arrived there we just stood and looked in disbelief. Right in front of the smoking shelter were electronic gates. To enter the shelter you have to pay £2 for the gates to open.

Shame on you, LBA! Yet another con to get money out of us. Needless to say we walked away in disgust and did not pay.

So, Mr Hallwood, would you please tell us why we have to pay at LBA when it’s free to use the Manchester and East Midlands smoking areas?

Loyalty counts for nothing, eh?

Marg and Julie, Wakefield

Little sympathy over campaign

MY SYMPATHIES for the seven year campaign for a public recreation area along Victoria Road are tempered by 1) there being a park 400 yards away; 2) their action has allowed an unsightly wasteland for seven years and 3) their campaign has delayed many from having a home.

This on the heels of another seven year saga at the Royal Park School site.

One is minded of the Roundhay Park Mansion restoration over the same period. Also Kirkgate Market, Eastgate Quarter and Kirkgate Quarter – 40 years of neglect.

Altogether a record of purposeless, feckless, torpid failure.

It is the exceptional far-sighted few, with the business finance and HE sectors that have driven our city’s progress masking the deep-seated tendencies towards caution, complacency and self-congratulation within the Civic Hall.

A case of “Lioners led by dead donkeys”.

Paul Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

Cameron is not to be trusted

DAVID CAMERON IS completely missing the point when he says Maria Miller was caught out, so to speak, under the “old” expenses rules and would not have done so under the new system. Whatever the system, she used thousands of taxpayers’ money and that is cheating. Your personality does not change because a system changes either, nor can you use the “move on” cliche because this issue was under an old system. She cheated up to a degree, fact.

Anyone else in a similar situation – one of us hard working people – would get the sack.

Cameron is no longer to be trusted to have any standards or sense of accountability. The polls will, hopefully, show this next year. His excuse is no excuse and he is way off mark and out of touch with the electorate on this one.

Yet another expenses story – we’re sick of them, out here in the real world.

R Kimble, by email

No benefit for UK in the EU

WHAT THE Farage/Clegg debates on the EU clearly show, is the pro-EU brigade on the back foot, struggling to point out any real tangible benefits for their cause – only ‘scare-mongering’ that UK Ltd would lose four million jobs if we left.

It is also patent nonsense by our metropolitan elites – with their foreign nannies, cleaners, cooks etc – to claim that EU immigration has no effect on British jobs. We heard the same warnings that if the UK stayed out of the Eurozone, the UK economy would end in free-fall. The exact opposite has happened, with the UK top dog with the fastest growth.

It’s bogus to argue that, say, Germany would stop trading with us if we pull out. A free market of international trade is carried out by consumers and business on mutual terms, and not by countries according to political diktat. And what about that 60 per cent of UK trade is with the rest of the world.

The fact is, we are still a great maritime island nation of free trade with the world over, whereas the moribund EU is an outdated 19th century Customs Union of protectionanism and tariff barriers.

Cameron and company fool us in trumpeting we can re-negotiate the Treaty of Rome on our own terms – no way says Brussels. The only way out is to get out, trading with the EU but not ruled by the EU.

Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Burmantofts

Ed Miliband has fallen for fad

AS IF we didn’t have enough of politicians and public figures who have fallen in with the fad for the “selfie”, today it’s the turn of Ed Miliband. Looking pitiable at the back as he strains to appear in a selfie taken by that leading political thinker of our day, Joey Essex, with a group of Labour luvvies.

To complete his indignity he also appears in another selfie snapped by Joey – whose chief claim to fame, apart from his role in TOWIE – is his confession he can’t tell the time on his fabulously expensive watch. It’s more likely, I suspect, that these people look at all these selfies and think “Good God, what a bunch of self-obsessed idiots.”

But then, what do I know? As I’m the first to admit, I’m not at all sure I belong in this increasingly bewildering world.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Cycling mania has taken hold

AS ONE who cycled a great deal in my youth I always enjoyed cycling for work and pleasure. And often when abroad in France watched the Tour pass on many occasions over the years; and my wife and I always enjoying the excitement and anticipation when waiting to see the riders at chosen advantage points. It really is a colourful and thrilling sight.

But while the forthcoming visit to Leeds and Yorkshire is something no one should miss, I and many others think the Media is going well over the top in discussing the event and becoming a little tired of the never ending publicity which is resulting in a kind of cycling mania.

No doubt deriving also from the Tour, to have 20mph signs installed on most approach roads to the city, and the suggested expenditure of creating a cycle way across Leeds is a bit like adding the last straw to the donkey’s back. Particularly when the Council declares a shortage of money for other road essentials; and when far too many cyclists continue to do the things they do, completely ignoring others and the rules of the road in so many ways.

Ernest Lundy, by email

Chew over the possibilities

SHOULD ANY of your gentleman readers have dreams of becoming a football manager I have some helpful advice.

Adopt an impassive miserable expression (whether for a winning or losing team) when being interviewed and if you want to achieve the same glories as Sir Alex Ferguson, chewing gum will not go amiss. Seeing several managers on TV screens recently, I wondered why they were so humourless – bearing in mind their salaries! Oh yes, a foreign-sounding name is also 

Edna Levi, Leeds

Pantomime in the House

“BRAYING, SNEERING and being rude” - and this in the House of Commons!

And why should England tremble?

With these characters at the helm it’s like a pantomime without the custard pies. Disgusting.

Mavis Harrison, Saxton Gardens

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