YEP letter: Respond to refugee crisis with charity

Refugees in Greece.
Refugees in Greece.
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I am amongst many who are concerned about the negative impact of mass migrations into the UK on our society and culture, including environmental and social impacts.

I certainly do not support the classic economic case for imported cheap labour and sustaining the young population. Sustainable economies are not based on exploitation, nor population growth.

However, this refugee situation is very different, and the UK government has decided to act - we have to ensure we do so in the best way possible, and do not treat refugees in a manner which marginalises or segregates them.

As our guests, they deserve options to distribute throughout the UK, and in doing so, we can not only give them an easier time of this disaster, but we can make it easier on ourselves.

I have asked my council, Harrogate Borough Council, to do all they can to ensure that Harrogate does its part to give immediate sanctuary to the refugees arriving in Europe.

I hope many people elsewhere will do the same.

Putting the long-term solution aside for one moment, we can all welcome these people into our communities, and we can respond with the great British spirit of volunteer-ism and charity.

Scott Johnson

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