YEP letter: Policy on migrants is not sustainable

Refugees arrive in Greece.
Refugees arrive in Greece.
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The present outpouring of sympathy regarding the exodus of migrants from the Middle East that is bordering on mania won’t prevail.

This great movement of people can’t be sustained, yes, we all sympathise with these people, yet I feel that some European countries such as Germany and Austria are wrong.

What is needed is solutions for the Middle East in the Middle East, not in Europe.

I note that some of the oil rich gulf states are not taking refugees from Syria, I feel they should be persuaded they can well afford it.

I also note that there are only five per cent of the migrants from Syria the other 95 per cent are economic migrants, in other words people jumping on the band wagon. Germany will definitely be flooded along with other European countries.

It may sound alarmist, however for every million migrants that are welcomed in Germany and Austria there could be a further four following them.

The welcoming of these migrants seen throughout the world will entice a tidal wave that just can’t be stopped.

However welcome the migrants are made now and the flood becomes greater there will come a time when even Germany can’t take any more.

Then I believe they will see the folly and try and put pressure on other European countries to take more who after witnessing Germany’s folly will say no.

No, the present policy is not sustainable, and I’m afraid we will all feel the consequences.

P Hill