YEP letter: Let’s rally to support migrants

Refugees in Greece.
Refugees in Greece.
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Desperate refugees have died in their thousands over the summer trying to escape war and poverty, and while this Tory Government has displayed a callous attitude, many ordinary people have got together across Europe by opening their houses to refugees who have nowhere else to go, they have collected food and other supplies.

Cafes have let migrants use their bathroom and electricity to charge phones and people have protested to demand that refugees be made to feel welcome.

Football fans are waving ‘welcome refugees’ banners at their grounds.

Let’s all rally together like we did when thousands of Jewish refugees found shelter on British shores during the Second World War and during the deadly Kosovo conflict in the 1990s when Britain provided urgent relief for persecuted families and in the 1970s Vietnamese boat people fleeing war were even rehoused in empty hospitals.

This is British people at their best and the last thing we need form David Cameron and his government is to drop bombs on Syria thus exacerbating what is already a human tragedy.

John Appleyard