YEP letter: How will country cope with migrants?

Refugees arrive in Munich, Germany.
Refugees arrive in Munich, Germany.
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If we need proof of the power of the press, we only need to look at the front page of Tuesday’s YEP.

One photo of a poor drowned child and the world goes wild, ignoring the fact that other children have died by drowning or, even more horrifically, by suffocation in a sealed truck.

The many people who are rushing to donate goods to send to the migrants/refugees are responding to emotive reporting.

I wonder how many of these generous people have complained in the past about “immigrants”.

How is it membership of Ukip has increased over the past few months, but now people seem to be willing to let everyone come here.

If all these migrants/refugees are accepted into Europe, how will they live? Most will have difficulties with language so won’t be able to work.

Your correspondent, Jinny Lazenby, says that the people from Syria are, generally speaking, educated, resourceful individuals.

How does she know?

Has she spoken to them all?

In the UK there are long lists of people who are unable to get onto the property ladder, let alone find a job, so how will the country cope with an influx of 20,000 people?

The more people that are accepted by the EU, will only encourage the people-traffickers to demand more, more people will die and the traffickers will be getting richer.

By the way, how do the migrants find the thousands of pounds needed to pay these criminals in the first place?

Surely it has to be better to improve the lives of the people in the countries they’ve fled.

When, sometime in the future, things improve in Syria, the young, enthusiastic, fit young men will be needed to reconstruct the ruined infrastructure and to work for peace back home.

F and A Ward

Leeds 8