YEP letter: How does yelling insults help refugees?

Refugees arrive in Greece.
Refugees arrive in Greece.
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I am listening to Cameron telling the House about efforts that have been made to stop terrorism in the UK.

He clearly has no grasp of the fact that, as a Syrian refugee said on TV this morning, that more people have died in Syria as a result of Assad than IS. Either that or is he, shock horror, lying to and misleading us? I am also listening to Harriet Harman and all the time she is speaking, Tory MPs are muttering and making ridiculing noises. We pay them for such behaviour? These MPs just sicken me: people’s lives are at risk, children are dying and Cameron is lying through his teeth about IS as compared with Assad’s regime, who - like our involvement in Iraq - has actually played a part in their creation. As for Cameron’s little stories, as he is speaking, about terrorists being taken out, words fail me. Just how does yelling out insults at your opposite number help the migrant refugees?

T Maunder