YEP letter: Europe has moral obligation to do its bit

Refugees arrive in Greece.
Refugees arrive in Greece.
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Mary Creagh MP was on BBC Look North recent explaining how she was going to visit a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon.

Lebanon, despite its difficulties, is one of the first available countries which can offer refuge and sanctuary to the unfortunate people fleeing (lets not forget, nota ll can flee, the poor and infirm for example) from the horrors going on in Syria.

Mary made the comment that Lebanon had, at one stage, taken in 10,000 people a day: “far more than Britain has in one year.”

Clearly, a dig at Britain.

Could we remember though that the British people have an excellent track record when responding to those less fortunate over the years.

Whether it be organising Kindertransport during the Second World War to responding to famine, flood, war and natural disaster.

According to Amnesty International, the rich and spacious Gulf states have not taken in one refugee.

Switzerland, though not in the EU could offer sanctuary to some refugees.

It is still part of Europe and has a moral obligation to do its bit.

People have knocked Britain in this crisis for not doing all it can.

Another point is the population of this small island (over 62 million).

The population of countries like Switzerland (8,211,700) and Sweden (approx 9 million) is somewhat less.

We should stop beating ourselves up as a nation; we are generous and compassionate and this has been proven so many times.

Austria, for example, was quick to say how the emergency was over and we are returning to ‘normality.’

John Roberts