YEP letter: EU laws on migrants are flawed

Refugees in Greece
Refugees in Greece
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It should have been obvious from the start that the EU Laws relating to migrants and asylum seekers applying to stay in their first country of access after leaving their own was flawed.

We are now seeing the results of this in Italy, Greece, Hungary and elsewhere as they seek to travel on and find acceptance in other countries of Europe, including our own.

The problem becomes more serious by the day. However, why should this be just a problem for Europe to solve, when the same thing seem to be happening world wide?

If a concerted effort was made to ‘nip in the bud’ the money being made by those unscrupulous people offering transport, mainly from Africa, there could be a possibility of the flow ending.

With a special effort being made to stop any but those fleeing from such as Syria and other countries torn by war and unrest.

The idea of open borders is good in principal, but totally senseless in practice. We have to feel sorry for those in genuine fear for their lives!

Those and only those should be even considered for acceptance.

On the other hand it seems that the majority of those seeking a better life for social and economic reasons, have enough money to fill the pockets of the criminals who help them.

Being mainly young men, they would be better staying at home and helping to solve their own problems, rather than deserting what could be called their sinking ships.

Ernest Lundy

By email