YEP letter: Ashamed by English people and politicians

Refugees arrive in Munich, Germany.
Refugees arrive in Munich, Germany.
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I have been ashamed today by both English people and politicians talking about “those migrants” (their terminology) as if they were scum.

Cameron – who likes to use the death of his son as a political tool when it suits him – acting as if this country and its warmongering have played no part in this crisis and crying crocodile tears over that boy.

Likewise Osborne saying it’s the gangs to blame when the whole inflammatory situation can be traced right back to the Iraq war/illegal invasion, from whence IS has sprung.

I have seen racism right there on my TV screen as “ordinary” people are interviewed on the street or in TV studios stating the mantra “charity begins at home” and that helping overseas countries has a negative effect on vulnerable people here.

The only things that negatively affect vulnerable people here are the policies and attitudes of hypocrites like Iain Duncan Smith.

Appalling the way this country has become in some quarters.

T Maunder