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PERHAPS the most ironic aspect of your columnist’s boorish, rabble-rousing and profoundly rude tirade against traditional tailoring and style is his choice of victim (Notes from the City, July 11).

Of all the targets he might have chosen for his yobbish little rant, he has somehow managed to select, in Prince William, someone who would be included in a very short list of the world’s best dressed men, (or at least in any such list compiled by mature, discerning individuals).

However, it is only fair to concede that I was almost given pause in my penning of this humble missive as I gazed admiringly at the fetching little portrait of Mr McPhee which surmounts his effusions. How, I asked myself, could I possibly take issue with this vision of elegance with his oh so winning, shyly self-deprecating little grin and his hairstyle.

For once, I am adjectivally bereft.

Finally, to answer your question, Mr McPhee, the reason that Prince William’s dress sense appears to have been inherited from his father is that it has.

It’s called good taste!

Incidentally, one sincerely hopes that the Prince doesn’t hear about your comment that he is “the type you used to avoid at university”.

His devastation would surely ruin his weekend.

BRYAN OWRAM, Saxon Cottage Main Street, Esholt

l After reading Thursday’s review of Evita, showing this week at the Grand Theatre, I felt I must write to say how much my husband and I had enjoyed the production of the show. Also (unlike Mr McPhee), we thought that all the singing was very good.

S PALEY, Calverley, Leeds

YEP Letters: February 19