Why do students expect free education?

WHAT do our students want from life?

As soon as they enter university they think anything goes, from late night parties, roaming the streets all night with large take-away meals and loud music. Most of these meals end up on our paths. Rubbish all over, never in the bins provided.

Posters advertising these parties, outdoor pursuits stuck everyone on anything, making our streets so ugly.

Then they decide to have sit-ins to protest – not so bad when it's confined to the campus, but they take it on to our streets, where they are joined by unions, druggies, benefit scroungers and yobs.

Then it turns from a peaceful protest to a fighting force looking for trouble and the students being dragged along with them.

Do they really expect their high-class education for nothing, knowing as soon as their names are on their diplomas they will receive wages a lot higher than their co-workers, who will work a lot harder and to enhance themselves will have to pay for night classes?

Fair's fair, pay for what you want and let us ordinary people live in peace.

Respect the ability you have that lets you lord it over us and become the next leaders of this beautiful country of ours and maybe do a better job than has been done for the past 25 years.

L E Slack, Lingfield View, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 16