Welcome to the world of councils...

A COUNCIL in Surrey, Waverley Borough, held a secret audit of internet use by its staff.

The findings – they were on Facebook three times as much as the council's own home page, with eBay, Yahoo, gaming site i3d.net, and BBC News making it into their 'Top Ten'.

One worker spent 90 hours on line and another 75 hours in a month, half being non-work related activity.

Most councils surely won't be the same, but council tax has doubled in 11 years.

When a schoolboy, I went with my friend to see his father at the town hall, and he never seemed to be doing anything, compared to mine who was manager at a noisy, satanic mill, making cloth.

I went with the friend to the town hall Christmas party and had never seen such a feast laid in front of me.

At our grammar school, most left at 18 but one left at 16, to work at a town hall.

He was nowhere near the cleverest but he could have been the cutest.

PAUL H FARLEY, Tadcaster

YEP Letters: March 20