Warning from history

WHEN a reporter from the YEP asked an expert from the Environment Agency if an Australian-style deluge could happen here in the City of Leeds, they responded "it isn't something we expect" and, when asked how deep would water be in Leeds streets, the expert suggested "it's hard to say".

The environmental experts keep using the buzz phrase "one-in-a-thousand-year event" and I have to ask the question – what does this over-used phrase actually mean and how does it relate to the City of Leeds?

Back in 1993 the Lord Mayor of Leeds unveiled a monument to remind Leeds residents of the flooding which affected our city in previous years. Leeds City Council has allowed this monument to become lost amongst the long grass and overgrown bushes and it is currently situated on Meadow Lane, near Tetley's Brewery. Back in 1866, the River Aire burst its banks and the water was about 25ft on the deep on this site.

Leeds City Council should make those estate agents selling homes here in the City of Leeds attach a copy of this photograph to all of their sales literature. Buyers beware!

P Cockroft, Tingley

YEP Letters: April 16