Village car clamp misery

ON January 3, my husband and I thought we would round off the festive period with a trip to Haworth.

On arriving in the car park, another driver was just leaving and asked us if we would like his car park ticket which still had one hour and 20 minutes left on it.

"How kind!" we thought, as we placed it on our windscreen...

On our return within the specified time, our car had been clamped and the note on the windscreen informed us it would cost 75 to have the clamp removed.

The "clamper" appeared from his four-wheel drive vehicle parked nearby and told us tickets were "not transferable" and suggested we call at the nearby pub to get "cash back", as he didn't accept bank cards and we didn't have 75 in cash.

And a happy New Year to you too, we thought.

Readers, be warned.

Kath Gothard,

by email

YEP Letters: March 20