Victory for the common man?

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I DON’T know anyone who uses the word ‘chav’.

According to a new book on the subject, it is a term used by the wealthy and privileged who openly laugh at the working class and crack jokes such as “where will all the chavs get their Christmas presents now that Woolworths is closed?”

The author of the book is critical of how working class people have been sidelined from positions of power over the years and how the plight of the poor is not taken seriously.

Comparisons are made about the search for Shannon Matthews and the demonisation of the Dewsbury Moor community in contrast to that of nice, middle-class Madeleine McCann. A point made by some journalists at the time.

In the early stages of the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper I remember how there were rumblings of discontent that the murders were not being taken seriously because the victims were ‘only prostitutes’.

For the first time in years I called at the bookies on Saturday to place a bet on the Derby. I had a fiver on Pour Moi.

I don’t know what pleased me more, my horse winning or the disappointment on the faces of the Royal Family as the Queen’s horse finished third.

Maybe I’m a chav.


YEP Letters: March 16