The spirit of togetherness

I'M thinking perhaps this "all-in-it-together big society" may be a good idea after all. I await with some excitement my invitation to follow in the Government's New Year footsteps.

First to fly out first class to Klosters la Osborne before the snow melts. Followed by a trip to the Caribbean to stay at the 8k per week villa of Zac Goldsmith MP.

Unfortunately I appear to have missed the fireworks and champagne on New Year's Eve at the Commons riverside terrace, however maybe next year.

And while I wait, there's nothing better than being able to watch that iconic private sector company ITV, as it sends Sir Trevor McDonald via a 40k per week yacht, to show me the mysteries of the Mediterranean!

Derek Goodman, Leeds

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

YEP Letters: February 9