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I FIND it strange that Cheryl Cole has lost her job in the States, it’s said because of her strong Geordie accent.

First of all it is not a strong Geordie accent, certainly not as strong as some of the ones I heard in my army days.

As a kid in the 1940s I spent a lot of time at the local picture house, “the flicks”. Before the main film they had the short film and these were usually a western. These films always had a scene which took place in the town saloon with a character banging out tunes on a piano. Now two of the most often played of these tunes originated from Geordieland i.e. Cushie Butterfield and Keep Yer Feet Still Geordie.

Americans had a similar accent problem in 1964 when a group of young Scousers landed on their shores, which is also strange, because in these very same western films the other two most played songs were Maggie May and The Leaving of Liverpool. It seems the Americans have lost touch with their own past and history.


Simon Brown, from Morley, Leeds.

YEP Letters: January 19