The only monopoly we want here is the NHS

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WHEN are the Government and city councils going to stop the expansion of supermarkets?

There are more and more large stores and now we have the small stores in the suburbs.

These are causing smaller businesses to close because they cannot compete due to the vast quantities these chains buy of everything they sell.

Now stores like Aldi, from Germany, are undercutting and squeezing the profits they make, they say with cheap goods.

The difference being, of course, that they are happy with their profit margins.

It’s just like the money industry.

The banks and insurance companies have had a monopoly since Thatcher’s time and have managed to build up billions of profits and a whole city within a city in London.

The supermarkets have their monopoly and spend profits on more and more stores, to the detriment of everything else.

The only monopoly we want in this country is the NHS. Yet this Government is doing its best to break it up so that the insurance companies can have a larger share.

Soon it will be like America – “Produce your money or cover and we will look after you.”

We have to come to our senses some time and see what is happening in this country.

Dennis Birch, Cookridge

We must look after the poor

THE Government are saying Britain has the fastest growing economy in the developed world.

If that is the case, can Mr Cameron and co please explain to the British public and the taxpayers why we have got food banks?

This is not acceptable. If we are a growing economy then we must look after the people that have not got the means to feed themselves.

Food banks are not for a country like Britain.

They must be done away with and people must have a better standard of living.

As a taxpayer I think this Government should look after the poor and 
not just pocket pay rises for themselves.

Roger Watkinson, 
Temple Newsam

Are we getting a good deal?

HAVING walked past a 
café, but not been in it, I 
found an advertisement 
stating “bacon butties only £2.99”.

Only £2.99? What do they mean, “Only £2.99”?

Bacon butties have been cheaper than that in lots of other places that serve them.

If a bacon butty is £2.99 at that café then they should state that the price of it is £2.99 without the word “only” stated before the price.

This should only be 
stated if the price of an item is a good offer – 
not on items that are at a higher than usual price.

In this day and age now you can’t be sure whether an offer on anything is genuine or not.

Dick Appleyard, Lincoln

Lobby MPs on rules of dress

IF IT’S any comfort to Mr Gillatt, who was refused entry to Crossgates Shopping Centre on the grounds of unsuitable clothing (YEP, July 2), the ban on burkas and so on in France, which has the largest Islamic minority in the EU, is being upheld without exception.

There, the wearing of face coverings in public places is illegal with offenders subject to an on the spot fine of 200 euros (about £150).

It is interesting to note that a recent test case brought by someone fined for wearing a niqab which is slightly different to the burka, by way of an appeal to the European Court of Justice has been rejected.

The French legal system caters for the majority of the population, as it should in any civilised country, and unlike here, does not repeatedly introduce exceptions or derogations as our Government does for every minority under the sun.

My message to Mr Gillatt or anyone else concerned about rules on dress is to lobby their MP, as with a General Election next year they may take notice for once.

DS Boyes, Rodley

Search on Land Army hostels

Does anyone remember the hostel in Weeton, at the Limes, which was occupied by the Women’s Land Army?

There is casual mention of it in articles but there appears to be no further information.

I would also like to know more about the hostels at Mirfield, Moor Park Beckwithshaw, Staveley and Tadcaster. Do you know anything about them?

If your mother or grandmother worked as a 
land army girl and resided in one of these hostels, or any other WLA hostel 
in Yorkshire, do contact me. 
Similarly if you have photos of any of them.

This is for a book on the Land Army Hostels in Yorkshire. There were over 45 such hostels in Yorkshire and information about most of them but nothing about the one in Goole, Aughton, or Crockey Hill. Can anyone help?

Marion Jefferies, Stockton House, 105, The Village, Stockton on Forest, York. YO32 9UP. 01904 400217

Better modes 
of transport

As a self-confessed objector to the proposed NGT scheme for a trolleybus, I certainly don’t see myself as a Luddite as 
BA Anderton 
suggests (YEP, July 28) – rather the reverse.

Haven’t they heard of the modern transport methods now being introduced in cities all over the world – in many cases replacing trolleys with their associated expensive and intrusive infrastructure?

These include hybrids and low emission diesels to name just a couple.

Efficient transport is a must for any modern city, but the destruction of conservation areas in the name of progress is an idea that has had its day.

And as for comparing us with Sheffield, look up the facts is all I can say.

Or better still come to the public inquiry when it resumes on September 2 and hear for yourself the cogent arguments put forward by the ‘Luddites’ – many of whom seem to be better informed than the professionals.

Margaret Thompson, Headingley

Don’t fall for 
this trick again

I have to agree with Max Nottingham’s letter (YEP, July 26). It may not exactly be the point he was making, but I feel strongly that we should not be misled by the introduction of women to the Cabinet.

It should have been done years ago, but the most important thing to remember is that a Tory is a Tory, whether woman or man.

The Tories are still very much dominated by a hereditary privileged elite and their main aim is to maintain their privileged position, come what may.

Only the less privileged have a motive to change this system. However, the privileged elite successfully ridicule anyone who threatens their position with accusations of ‘madness’, eg Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Arthur Scargill, Bob Crow.

Those of you who line up to join in this ridiculing are unaware that the privileged elite are laughing at you, up their sleeves.

They kick you in the teeth and tell you that 
some defenceless minority did it and
 watch you chase the wrong culprit.

The British electorate fell, hook, line and sinker, for the con-trick of electing a woman called Margaret Thatcher.

She destroyed the fabric of British society, turning the clock back many years for the working class and our society may never recover.

As Max points out, Esther McVey is a woman who is a Tory through and through. She had a privileged background and will ruthlessly protect her own kind.

Some of you will never learn but, for the sensible amongst you, I urge you not to fall for this gender con-trick again.

Dave MacFadyen, Crossgates

YEP Letters: February 19