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REGARDING the article ‘Could new outlet spark store wars?’ (YEP, March 14).

Kirkstall is being turned into an out-of-town shopping centre. As any sort of local community it is being destroyed.

The post office has gone. The library is going. The A65 down Kirkstall Road and Abbey Road is increasingly a trunk road nightmare, day and night.

We have a Morrisons, we have a Carpet Right, a Halfords, a Boots, and so on.

The spokesperson for Tesco is either not very good with language or deliberately trying to gloss over the truth.

Tesco is not bringing forward “proposals for a new Tesco store and other community facilities”. This implies that Tesco itself would be a community facility. Rubbish.

Tesco is not wanting to build a corner shop, but a supermarket to draw in custom (and, with it, traffic) from far and wide, Burley, Bramley, Headingley, Armley, et cetera.

And what is sadder, I hope I am not being unfair, is that our local politicians (even sadder, Labour politicians) seem to be delighted by what is happening.

Bernard Atha says: “It is always good to see competition arise.” Rubbish. If Councillor Atha thinks that he should perhaps consider joining the Tories.

It is NOT always good, not if it destroys communitites. That is what is being threatened.

As to Morrisons being, as he says, at the bottom of the hill, his sense of contour must be different to mine.

A new Tesco, on what is now Harvard Mills, would be more or less on a level with Morrisons. Both are more or less at the lowest point in Kirkstall.

Jack and Jill with their shopping would still have to climb the hill.

Mike Harwood, by email

Fears for library

I AM writing to express concern over the proposed closure of Rawdon Library.

It appears that the closure may have more to do with a rationalisation of council property than with the effective provision of library services.

I note that figures of £60,000-£70,000 are quoted in the New Chapter documentation as being required for repairs. The closure of the library and the One Stop Shop facility at Micklefield House appear to be linked.

While the facilities at Rawdon are much appreciated by users at present, much could be done to make the interior of the building far more modern and welcoming (attention to lighting, colour schemes and modern shelving) and to advertise the services which are available such as the reservation service and Inter Library Loans. The former opens the considerable resources of the whole of the Leeds stock to borrowers and the latter the resources of the British Library. (This failure of effective marketing could apply to the library service as a whole.)

If the library environment is not perceived to be up-to-date and the stock is seen as a bit tired, this will naturally have an effect on usage.

There is also the important issue of keeping the local history resources available to users within Aireborough.

Carolyn Speare, Horsforth

We don’t need city ambassador

CHARLES Dickens wrote a famous book, A Tale of Two Cities, which could be about Leeds today, only not revolutionary times yet but double standards from Labour in control of Leeds City Council.

Ordinary citizens find it hard to believe that savage cuts are indeed necessary, e.g. libraries or swimming baths etc under threat of closure because of the Coalition government, when so much money seems available for other things.

Never mind the £6,000 a week cost of the Lord Mayor, or the alleged £1m wasted by incompetence over bin collection routes, but at a time when money is supposed to be in short supply, how on earth can they even consider employing some superman to promote our city, when we already have a Chief Executive still paid more than the Prime Minister, plus an army of equally well remunerated assistants?

Many could be forgiven for wondering what we are paying Mr Riordan, his deputies and 99 councillors so many millions of pounds a year for, if by their own admission they are incapable of doing what is right for Leeds.

We don’t need more consultants, advisers or any other non-job categories, just the people we employ directly to earn their keep or consider they positions.

D S Boyes, Rodley Lane

Sort out UK first

DAVID Cameron, stop gallivanting around the world, telling other countries how to run theirs, especially Libya. Let them sort their own problems out, you have more than enough running this country.

First of all, stop the massive cuts to the Armed Forces, police, NHS and local councils, forcing thousands out of work.

You started at the wrong end of the scale. Your first job to save money should have been closing the House of Lords down. It’s a luxury we cant afford.

Then all those MPs, half just sit in the Commons, only moving to go for their free meals etc. We can do without half of them, saving more money.

Now comes the one thing that needs stopping right now. The expenses scandals over the years with millions of pounds being stolen by this scam. All those that claimed money for the last five years should pay it back or go to jail. Yes, MPs aren’t above the law.

There there are the millions of pounds given each week to the EU so they can pay themselves vast salaries, bonuses plus expenses. Stop this now!

We must not forget the millions given to foreign countries to help the poor people. This money never reaches them. It is creamed off by those in charge before it does any good. Stop this as well.

Now the biggest con yet. The Lotto was supposed to be for the good of this country, yet it’s run by a foreign country’s personnel, putting millions each week in to their pockets. Stop this now and use it for the good of this country.

A Britt, Dewsbury Road, Leeds

Sponsor city bus

IT would indeed be a sad loss, both for the city centre traders and shoppers, if the Leeds free city bus is scrapped.

Most of us would surely not begrudge a fare of 50p to keep this service on the road, or perhaps Metro could get together with the city centre business leaders and negotiate a sponsorship deal, with a shop of business logo on the side of each bus. This would bring in the customers and in turn, help to preserve this already well used service.

A Shipman, Swinnow

Census facts

THE 2011 census is indeed “fascinating reading”, Vernon Wood. However, you don’t appear to have read the survey very well as you state in your letter that questions need to be answered, when in fact they should be skipped.

For example, if you are in employment you then skip the question about whether you are a pensioner or not. The form does not actually ask if you can speak English but asks what your main language is, if it is English then you should skip the question about how well you speak it.

And, by the way, there are in fact nine partnership options to choose from, not the five you state.

You may well raise some interesting questions about language barriers and asylum seekers etc, but with so many inaccuracies as to your interpretation of the form it is difficult to take your letter seriously.

Philip Whitehead, by email

‘Soft’ sentence

I CAN’T understand the jail term for a man who claimed nearly £70,000 incapacity benefit when working and earning up to £1,500 a week. Even though he claims many personal problems led him to do it, unless he has agreed to pay it all back within 10 years, his 10-month sentence seems short.

It is no deterent to cheats to know they can take taxpayers to the cleaners for a life of luxury and get away with such a mild sentence.

A HAGUE, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds

Heady days of Leeds Odeon

NO, P Dodsworth, you were not having a senior moment, my wife and I went to see Sammy Davis Jr at the Odeon and what a show it was. Not only was he a great entertainer but his skill with a pair of six shooters was amazing.

We had the good fortune to attend the second performance, which was supposed to finish about 10.30pm, but he sat on the edge of the stage and entertained us for more than half an hour extra. As the show had gone on so long, we had missed our last bus and had to walk home to Wortley but it was well worth it. I remember that night as if it was yesterday.

We also saw the great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald at the Odeon another of my favourites, also Count Basie and his Orchestra. This was all in the days when Leeds used to attract some world class artists. Sadly those days seem to have gone but still I have my memories.

R Townend, Dragon Drive, Leeds

Reading the letters in the YEP, regarding the Odeon cinema and the artists who appeared there, reminded me of seeing Cliff Richard and The Drifters there in the late 1950s. I was a member of the Parkside Under 15s Schools soccer team, who that year won every available trophy at that level.

As a reward for our success, the school paid for the team to see the above group perform at the Odeon. This was before they changed their name to The Shadows.

I remember also that Wee Willie Harris was on the same bill.

M Davison, Kippax

I’ve just been reading the letter on Yma Sumac. I still have the original recording that she made of the Virgin of the Sun God.

John Ashby, by email

Super Mario

I WONDER if any of the ex-wrestlers featured in the reunion article can cast their memories a little further back than the 1960s or 70s?

A friend of mine is wondering if anyone can remember a wrestler called Mario Majesti who was in the ring in the 40s or 50s. Perhaps they saw them when they were younger, or perhaps a promoter may recall him.

One thing happened to him in that his little finger was bitten off during a bout.

Perhaps he or his family still reside in the Yorkshire area. It would be interesting to find out.

Edna Levi, Leeds LS17

YEP Letters: March 20