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I NOTE that, in one of the new East Coast Trains adverts, Vic Reeves displays many of the irritating habits that blight travel on public transport these days.

He sits in the aisle seat, places some of his belongings on the window seat (thereby putting of all but the most assertive people from asking him to move them so that they can use the seat themselves) and then spreads out his sketchpads all over the table. Just like those characters with their laptops.

Now it may be an advert for first class travel but if I had paid those ticket prices I would expect other people in the carriage to display a modicum of manners.

It’s bad enough in standard class with the constant mobile chatter, leaking iPod noise and aforesaid laptops. I would expect better if I have paid for better!

Richard Kimble, Lea Farm Drive, Hawksworth

YEP Letters: March 16