Shameful waste of fish stocks

I WATCHED with interest and rising anger the Channel 4 TV Hugh's Fish Fight programmes, relating to the way our fishermen, due to quotas, are compelled to throw back quality species of fish supposedly under threat. It is beyond all sense or reason. Once caught, how is it possible to protect a species by returning them lifeless to the sea?

Therein lie the policies of the madhouse, which illustrate the completely out of touch ideas of the so-called intelligencia who produce these rules; most of whom have probably never sailed in a fishing boat or seen the shameful waste their policies have brought about.

For almost a decade now, these methods have been in force and those who fish for a living are totally fed-up with the state of affairs that makes it almost impossible to carry on.

There should be a public outcry over this ridiculous state of affairs and in the vanguard should be every MP who has seen or heard about these highly informative programmes, prompted also by the public at large who, without doubt, are equally incensed.


YEP Letters: March 20