Settlement leaves Leeds in a pickle

CONGRATULATIONS to the YEP (Comment), for telling it like it is, vis-à-vis Local Government Minister Eric Pickles and his astonishing attack on the leaders of Leeds City Council and other West Yorkshire councils. This follows one of the harshest government grant settlements and sees Leeds lose 18.4 per cent grant-funding over two years.

We all remember the corpulent Eric Pickles, leader of Tory-controlled Bradford Council, in the late 1980s; steamrolling cuts that affected some of the most vulnerable people in that city. Now he has the brass neck to say that the proposed cuts to Leeds City Council should have no impact on front line services. At the same time, we read in the YEP, that Adult Social Care (older people) will bear the brunt of a large proportion of these cuts. I do hope that whatever happens, these proposed cuts are a very last resort?

I am so glad that the YEP are taking a lead on the fight back. I hope they will soon be joined by MPs of all persuasions in Leeds, local councillors, trade unionists and ordinary people like me, who think it is monstrous that a city like Leeds should bear the brunt of these savage cuts, whilst leafy southern suburbs get off scot-free.

Cherril Cliff, Armley

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth.

YEP Letters: January 16