Scandal of city's unemptied bins

WHAT an extraordinary revelation was Sophie Hazan's interview with Neil Evans and Tom Murray of Leeds City Council, regarding the refuse collection fiasco here in Leeds.

At least their honesty was refreshing, admitting that in all these years there were no official records of collection routes but that the records were all in the heads of the bin crews.

This being the case, the arrogant incompetence of the council, who foisted on the people of Leeds nothing but a disastrous experiment is breathtaking.

Mr Murray's excuse for rushing through the cost-cutting change to the system was about the reassurance to bin crews that the scheme was to go ahead.

This shows a complete lack of foresight with scant regard to his duty to bring about a workable system.

Was it Mr Evans's idea to write to 330,000 homes advising of Christmas collection dates which, for many of us, never took place?

I myself received my letter the day following the changed collection date. What a scandalous waste of resources.

To admit that 3,300 homes were missed in the first week is simply appalling – with problems still unresolved to date.

M Ledgard, by email

Job half done

IT HAS come to my attention that bin men are now employing the time-saving technique of only emptying bins down one side of the street, rather than emptying all the bins on their route.

Leeds City Council only apologises and tells the depot that they have to come back round to empty the missed bins,

I would be fascinated to know, via a Freedom of Information request, how much these extra journeys by the bin men (presumably done on overtime) are costing taxpayers, especially now they've got their new contracts.

M Walsh, by email

Late letters

I AGREE with Wyn Kidger regarding wasteful Leeds City Council. We are being told every day that the council needs to save money and yet more money is being wasted by sending out useless letters telling people that the collection day has changed over Christmas, only to find that the letters are delivered late.

Our collection date was Christmas Day and this was changed to December 24. The problem was we received the letter on December 29 – five days late. This is disgusting. How much has it cost to print and post these letters?

One wonders how much time the council needs to get things right?

Maybe if they start rearranging dates for next year now, things might run a bit smoother. But then again...

Lawrie Gregson, Farnham Croft, Leeds 14

No collection

Disgraceful. Leeds City Council leaves black and green bins uncollected and full for a month and still no sign of collection.

James Rothschild, Leeds 17

Ongoing saga

SOME weeks ago I had a letter published re the non-collection of rubbish from the communal bins at our complex here in Pudsey, and, whilst our black bin has now been emptied, the green bin for some reason has been neglected.

This has been going on for 12 weeks now.

I have telephoned the council on numerous occasions, all to no avail except for promises, on top of which I have sent 13 emails to a local councillor and the MP for Pudsey – and again nothing.

That was until today, when a refuse wagon turned up to collect the rubbish – at last our problems had finally been sorted, but no, on checking the bin, I found that the bin was still over half full, the job had not been done correctly, so here we are back to square one. How long will this saga go on?

Peter Moore, Pudsey

YEP Letters: March 20