Russell deserves Marines’ support

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AS a former Royal Marine myself, (40 RM Commando 1942-46), I write to thank you for your support and interest in the case of Russell Sykes.

I first met Russell in Armley Town Street a few weeks ago and I was aware that he was a former “Royal” by his regimental tie and that he looked quite ill.

I asked him about his service in the Corp and he gave me his regimental number, which I checked with RMHQ Portsmouth, describing his appearance as being a very sick man and hoping that HQ would contact him and give him their support.

Russ, at that time, was living from day to day but the only thing I could do was mention to him about St George’s Crypt, which of course he followed up and now, thankfully, he has found his way back to music.

The Royal Marine musicians are the best in the world.

I would say to him keep blowing, Russ (once a Marine, always a Marine).

John R Macdonald-Cook, SBS and 40 Commando

YEP Letters: March 20