Rugby – the sport of the future?

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WHEN something becomes too big it becomes corrupt, then decadent and then "the fall". This is where football is now and as it starts its fall, some other sport will emerge to take its place at the top.

What will that be? America's grid iron? They've been trying for years, even Frank Sinatra put money into that one. It failed and will stay failed.

Australian rules? That's destined to live and die in Australia.

Truth is, the code best suited to replace football's rapidly rotting and thoroughly rotten, corpse, has not been invented yet. Well, not quite.

It is however, on its way: a merging of the two rugby codes, league and union. This merger has, in fact been happening for some time, mostly by union moving towards league.

A one-code rugby could be a big international success.

Just think, if it could be up and running, we could arrange for the first ever rugby cup to be played at the same time as the football world cup, with two finals on the same day. A risk? No, a brave, daring act that would work.

E FIRTH, Wilsden, Bradford

YEP Letters: February 19