Rocking with Cliff at the Odeon

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READING Ron Davies’ letter about the Odeon brought back many memories.

My biggest memory was that of sleeping outside the Odeon all night to get tickets for Cliff Richard.

I was 15-years-old and had told my Dad and Mum I was going to sleep at my Gran’s.

Along with my cousin, Paul, with blankets and pillows provided by Gran, we set off.

We didn’t get away with the lie as our photograph was taken and printed in the Evening Post!

Along with our Gran we were well and truly told off; this was water off a duck’s back to my Gran as she had queued up with me for tickets for Tommy Steele at the Empire.

When Roy Orbison played at the Odeon he topped the bill, the Beatles closed the first half of the show.

I also remember seeing Sammy Davis Jr there, or am I having a senior moment?

What happy days they were, with the Odeon, the Empire and the Shaftesbury on York Road, where I saw Russ Conway.

P Dodsworth, Jean Avenue, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 16