Road revamp will help cyclists

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I AM pleased that at last improvements are being made at one of the most dangerous spots on Leeds roads for cyclists – West Street, Kirkstall – where you go right for Wellington Street or the Armley gyratory.

Cars would overtake on the left then cut in front to go right or vice-versa, and many would bear left, then go right just to queue-jump, then cause confusion by going right to Armley.

The corner is being made longer, with a deeper curve for traffic bearing right in the left lane and possibly traffic lights, and or a cycle lane, which would make them feel that bit safer. Maybe a bus lane is involved too.

On a side issue, I wish police would visit Woodhouse Lane, near the Eldon pub, where taxis often fill the cycle lane at weekends.

A HAGUE, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 16