Reward success, not failure

Heathrow Airport's boss, Colin Matthews, is to forego a bonus because the airport failed to cope with the recent bad weather. That news item made me think of the chaos with our bins and who is responsible.

We are always hearing about bosses in the private sector getting bonuses, do workers and management at Leeds City Council get bonuses? It would seem like a good way to reward people, pay them better if they do a good job.

I do know people that work for the council, and none of them gets a bonus, perhaps the lack of a bonus is the reason why the council does not always perform well.

Back during the 2009 bin strike it was reported some bin men were earning 18,000 and were facing a pay cut of 4,500. But when they returned to work it was reported that the settlement involved a basic pay of around 13,000 that included a bonus scheme.

Privatisation was a possibility back in 2009, but then ruled out, if our problems in 2010/11 are down to bad management and a bad bonus scheme for the bin workers, it's likely that privatisation would result in a bad contract. So perhaps the solution to getting our bins emptied is new management and a different bonus scheme?

Mr Peel, Whitkirk

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

YEP Letters: February 9