Rail link could be the solution

The proposed housing redevelopment of the Clariant site, next to the ring road at Horsforth is causing major consternation in Horsforth.

Much of the opposition could likely be defused were a rail

station like that planned for Kirkstall Forge to be included in the development. Yes I know that there can't be stations everywhere but this seems an ideal site on a major commuter line electrified a few years ago at considerable public expense. In east Leeds Garforth and East Garforth stations are barely more than a kilometre apart and they are both thriving. Actually there could also be a station at Newlay with Bradford to Leeds stopping trains serving all four new or reopened stations and perhaps other stations nearer to Leeds such as the former Armley Canal Road. The trains might eventually go underground to serve stations in central Leeds as trains do in Newcastle, Liverpool and Glasgow. There I go again, wanting the best for Leeds. How silly of me.

If you think I'm being unfair then think about this - how come that from Horsforth Station I can go and do my shopping by rail at the Metro Centre on Tyneside or Meadowhall in south Yorkshire but not at our own local White Rose Centre, despite the promise of an on site station when White Rose was built.


Kirkgate Market, Leeds

YEP Letters: February 9