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RE your otherwise excellent article ‘The houses that Joshua filled’, part of an enlightening series, I must take umbrage about the solitary line allocated to the Fforde Grene in Harehills.

This is a pub which is legendary literally the length and the breadth of the UK! I recall a headline on the front page of the YEP in the late 1970s, stating that the pub was the third biggest beer seller in Europe and only beaten by two German bierkellers, during that particular year. This was not even mentioned.

Also it was the prime motivator for the resurgence of the British heavy metal scene in the 1980s (not my taste, may I add) when few other British pubs would risk the Def Leppards and Saxons of the world. Combined with such diverse acts as Dire Straits, Sex Pistols to the legendary Bo Diddley, it was a Leeds institution.

Talking of legends, we all remember Terry and his wife Ida, who must have been two of the longest serving landlords/ladies. The Fforde Grene requires a whole article on its own and not just one line. Any pub historians out there care to oblige?

A LESLIE, Harehills

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth.

YEP Letters: January 16