Playing politics with cuts

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THAT Bramley Baths exists at all is due to local councillor Denise Atkinson fighting its planned closure around 20 years ago and, although I respect the efforts being made today by Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves against proposed restricted opening hours, for her to say it is the government’s fault is a complete misnomer.

Leeds City Council, under Labour control now, as it was 20 years ago, is the body making all the decisions about Bramley Baths and everything else.

Because of the ineptitude of ‘New’ Labour’s 13 years in government this country has an enormous budget deficit which must be tackled and so cuts have to be made somewhere. However, Leeds City Council, like many other local authorities still under Labour control, is spiteful and vindictive in choosing where reductions in services should apply.

Children, the elderly or disabled are being hit first on the basis of making the most political capital out of their suffering, which is despicable. Waste and inefficiency e.g. the bins fiasco, along with lining their pockets and in the case of the Lord Mayor, us buying the pockets as well, carried on regardless.

D S BOYES, Rodley Lane, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 20