Not worthy of mention?

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I note that this subject has cropped up again. When I was trianing to be a local preacher some 25 years ago, I asked my tutor for a definition.

His answer was simple - Faith was a belief in some idea or concept for which there was, regretably, no hard evidence outside the Bible. You accepted the ideas in the hope that they were true. The possibility that they were not true were dismissed without thought or reason. Searching for hard evidence to support biblical stories is difficult. At the time the Bible stories were written, there were, of course, historians recording events for posterity, one of whom was Josephus.

He did mention Jesue and his disciples as nomads in the desert. Nothing else. I find this very strange that the seemingly wonderous events in the Bible did not appear worthy of mention.

I leave you to your own conclusions.

M G Burgage-Atter, Rothwell, Leeds

YEP Letters: February 19