Mothball mayoral robes

I WAS very interested in the article by David Marsh on the cost to us of the post of Lord Mayor/Lady Mayoress. This really upset me, having read about what the council had been told to cut back on by this government.

Surely in the current situation we could put this position in mothballs until things improve. If done, this will show the voters there are people in charge with common sense.

Can you imagine how much it would cost for an elected mayor, like in London?

Have you noticed when the Government or councils recommend something like this lord mayor, quangos, deputy of this or that and extra committees, how many places are taken up by MPs, councillors, all claiming extra expenses, food and travelling, while still complaining they are overworked.

That's why most of the letters they send you start by apologising for the lateness of their reply. Or when they are down to appear at your community meeting, they pop in for 10-15 minutes with all the well-worn excuses – "my last meeting over-ran"; "I have been double-booked" etc. So why should we pay 300,000+ for a mayor and deputy, while ignoring the needy, the elderly and the disabled?

L E Slack, Lingfield View, Leeds

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

YEP Letters: February 9