Money wasted while heritage decays

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HOW outrageously typical and sad, the reported dilapidated state of Oakwood Clock (YEP, April 25).

Like other historic and cultural artefacts (e.g. White Cloth Hall, Holbeck Mills), its future is uncertain and dependent upon external funding, having suffered the council’s policy of “benign neglect”.

This within a city professedly proud of its heritage and tireless in proclaiming its cultural credentials but one whose councillors squander mega-sums upon inane street and community antics, inflated self-promotion, will-o-the-wisp posts and a posse masquarading as trainers, consultants, advisers and anything-else-you-may-need.

In this context, the Civic Trust’s tour of the White Cloth Hall with candle-lit supper seems more like a group inside a derelict property, eating a “Big Mac” round a brazier.

P Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 20