Letters: Railways in UK need to be renationalised

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I agree entirely with the thoughts of both Paul Robinson and Roger Cliff. However, there is a flaw in the argument.

Transpennine Express are not allowed by the Franchising laws to own any rolling stock and are thus limited to the coaches allocated to them by the train leasing company. Sadly, the train leasing company are not ordering or having built any more trains. This means that Transpennine have to juggle as best they can with their allocation. The position will only get worse as more and more people are using rail transport in general. Similarly, Northern Rail are in the same position. They have their own allocation and have to manage accordingly. It is interesting to note that when Northern Rail were allocated the electric trains for the Aire Valley Services, they were built in Spain to a German design. Bombarier do not build trains, only assemble them. The plight will not get better until Railways are treated as a Strategic Industry and renationalised. Sadly this will not happen as even today the Government are transferring back East Coast to the public sector in spite of the fact that the Government owned Concern has made a profit of £460 million over the past four years.

Mel Smart, M.C.I.T., Cotefields Avenue, Farsley

YEP Letters: March 20