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Drivers are slow to notice the signs

Sam Hamblett, Crossgates

In 2016 Leeds City Council erected 20mph signs around Crossgates.

One road which has these signs is Pendasway, a main bus route.

Earlier this year the council announced it was to spend £250,000 on more 20mph signs around the city.

My advice is don’t spend the money, they are an absolute waste.

No-one pays any attention to them. Has anyone been prosecuted yet for breaking the 20mph limit? I don’t think so.

Radar signs reminding drivers on main routes like Pendasway how fast they are driving do help but just going round erecting signs with no back up is a big no no.

Now let’s bring the Tour to Morley!

Caroline Spillane, Tingley

I’d just like to congratulate our neighbouring town of Birstall for hosting a superb stage on the final day of the Tour de Yorkshire.

The entire town entered in to the spirit of the event, offering residents, visitors and The Tour a fantastic welcome.

The town had dressed for the occasion, there were themed shop windows, flags and of course the now famous yellow bikes.

Businesses, organisations and individuals worked hard to offer warm and inventive hospitality, including the market place chapel who looked after visitors by offering tea, cakes and facilities!

The Tour chose The Alzheimer’s Society as their charity partner so we had a week long collection in the shop to promote both the charity and The Tour, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generosity enabling us to raise £137.96 for this worth cause.

It would be fantastic if we could encourage the organisers to bring The Tour to Morley and Tingley next year, they are talking about increasing the event to four days next year, which means there are plenty of opportunities, so let’s start putting some suggestions forward.

Do they deserve our vote?

M K O’Sullivan, Allerton Bywater

I have listened a short time back to the wonder of Mozart’s Coronation Mass, and again relished his genius.

Then I asked myself do I want another coronation in June, a Conservative one, and I say no.

I say no as a convinced Leave voter and one who would still vote that way again, knowing it would not be cost-free and quick.

My concern is the NHS and what a rampant Tory party would do. My gut instinct is not to trust them, privatisation is in their DNA – profit first and the sick second.

It is thanks to NHS staff that I am alive and, after I have heard them talking about the current state of the service, I am concerned.

It is little wonder Theresa May is not keen on talking about it.

I look at Jeremy Corbyn and see a politician I can not relate to, especially on national security.

I see a Labour Party incapable of making any firm stand on Brexit negotiations when most of their MPs are Remain backers.

The Lib Dems I see as little more than Merkel’s poodles, her doormat.

If a country gets the politicians it deserves, what has this country done to deserve May, Corbyn, Farron?

Soon I will listen to Bryn Terfel and Anna Netrebko singing Mozart and later watch the TV news and hear politicians – what a contrast between the great composer and the grubby and tacky.

But I will vote in June.

Brussels should give us a rebate

Terry Watson, Adel

The EU officials have decided that Britain must pay a £49 billion Brexit ransom before we start negotiation on trade.

Where have they got that figure from?

They haven’t done proper accounts for 20 years. It’s not Mrs May who is living in a different galaxy as Juncker suggested, it’s the Brussels mafia.

Britain should have a rebate, we have paid far too much into the EU coffers for no benefits in the 40 years of membership.

Thatcher would have demanded a rebate as she did when she was Prime Minister, hich Blair gave back!

There is nothing in the Lisbon Treaty which says we should pay anything.

The 27 European Union countries took only four minutes to agree we should pay £49 billion to leave. Surprise surprise.

They know only too well that they will all have to pay more to make up the deficit when the goose that laid the golden egg migrates.

Why so many homeless?

Tim Faulkner, by email

I have become so sad to see so many beggars out in the streets of Leeds over the last few months, especially outside ‘express’ supermarkets.

I’ve also seen people asking for money just for their bus fare and then in McDonald’s I saw a person going round asking for money for food.

I feel so sorry for them and things seem to be getting worse in Leeds city centre.

It shames me that every 30 feet we get people begging for money in our city.

What is going on?

Brexit only deal that matters

Alex Gillies, LS14

So the 27 remaining Euro Nations have fired the first salvo from their trenches.

We should not give one penny and sign nowt until every avenue is covered to suit fairly all 28 countries. These negotiations should be conducted to suit everyone and if the 27 make awkward, bullying tactics towards the UK representatives we should walk away.

There are 15 EU nations who need us to prop up their economies.

Germany has a £25 billion surplus trade with the UK, so their manufacturers will be screaming at their leaders to deliver a fair deal to the UK.

We on the other hand have to put a cross on our ballot paper.

Which party is capable of standing up for what’s in the best interests of the UK?

Forget all the promises that all parties are spewing during this election campaign, as the only deal on the table that really matters is Brexit.

Cruelty is never charming...

Mrs Jennifer Bookbinder, Cottingley

I see that Little Oliver (YEP, April 29) thought that the poster of bullfighting in Dos Amigos restaurant wall was charming.

I can say that there is nothing charming about the sheer brutality and cruelty of bulls dying in the ring!

What about our Emley mast?

John Brook, by email

I was surprised to read in the YEP of May 2 that the highest buildings in this country are The Shard at 306m, Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth at 170m and Blackpool at 158m.

There was no mention of Yorkshire’s Emley Moor mast at 329m, which makes it the highest building in the UK.

Humps are a waste of cash

Chris Sharp, Garforth

The letter from Terry Watson re traffic calming measures laid down by Leeds City Council 
hits the nail right on the head (Your Feedback, YEP, April 27).

The number of claims for damages caused by these ridiculous humps runs into thousands.

The speed merchants they are supposed to deter don’t take any notice of them.

Mr Watson is quite right, too much has been wasted already but the council ploughs on regardless.

Ridiculous - but then it is Leeds City Council.