LETTERS: Friday, June 30, 2017

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The Yorkshire Evening Post used the tenth anniversary of the smoking ban to ask readers if they thought smoking should be banned outdoors. Here’s what you told us:

Barbara Bell

I don’t smoke – I gave up the cigs decades ago but what harm are they doing to others in an open environment? The only exception I can think of is sitting at a table where others are sat eating.

Bill Palfreman

It doesn’t actually make any difference to their food 
though. Humans have eaten around smoke all human history.

Johnny Harmer

For me, whether I’m on holiday or in a beer garden, it’s a case of first come first served. I ain’t moving for non smokers if I’m there first, same as I won’t light up if sit near non-smokers, I will move.

Nicole Wilkinson

No, you can’t ban it outside for goodness sake.

Paul Milner

I for one was glad it was banned indoors especially at food places, but this is over the top to be honest.

Michelle Karasiewicz

Why make the cigs if you can’t smoke them anywhere?

Greg Henson

Cigs are made for tax – and the harder you make it for people to smoke the more likely they are to do it. Read ‘the easy way’ – it goes into all the ways governments, advertisers and tobacco companies make you want to smoke.

Thomas Andrew Lilburn

Actually, cigarette-related cancer costs the NHS more than the UK makes back on taxes. 
Hence the big push on banning them.

Adam Green

Good thinking, let’s put the final nail in the coffin of the pub industry, English people have never really liked going to pub anyway

Dave Wrighton Wrighton

I don’t smoke but I still think you should be able to smoke in pubs. Also, you have to be 18 to smoke but only 16 to get wed / join the army / have kids - but don’t you smoke until you’re 18.

Christopher Ledger

Just ban the sale of them, then they can put taxes up due to lost revenue.

Jason Burgess

Here is the thing - I was a smoker for 24 years (am now 36) and when the smoking ban came in I was distraught as I loved a smoke with my pint.

However, now I am smoke free I find that cigarette smoke makes me feel sick. Now when you account for how many smokers there are compared to non-smokers you will find that smokers are a minority. Therefore, if smoking was re-introduced into pubs again you would find the majority would boycott. I think personally that the smoking ban is the best thing to happen regarding people giving up such a vile habit...it sure helped me.

Susan Mary Edley Thompson

When I visited England one of the things that I noticed was how bad outdoor smoking was. At times in city centres it was as if my daughter was going to suffocate from holding her breath (this is what she was taught to do in school in the US to avoid second hand smoke).

Alan Jones

It’s never going to happen but as a non-smoker there’s nothing worse than getting a faceful of second hand smoke or sickly sweet vape as you’re out and about - disgusting.

Claire Wray

If people had respect for others this wouldn’t need to be discussed. If you’re around young children it shouldn’t need to be said not to hold the lit cigarette at child’s head height. If you’re sat close to others a quick ‘would you mind me lighting up?’ Would stop the unnecessary issues.

Louise Saunders

All the non-smokers will soon be moaning about tax going up as the government makes a fortune off tax from cigs.

Lisa Johnson

Yes, I hate the smell of smoke. Never smoked in my life and it’s a very expensive habit.

Chris Woodrow

If you’re going to ban smoking in streets and parks then you should do the same with alcohol. It’s not very nice for kids to see drunks either.

John Staveley

Leeds city centre is spoilt at lunchtimes with all the smokers, it is unpleasant to walk around in and some of the parks and squares are just disgusting. Extend the ban I say.

Matt Robertshaw

So are they going to ban diesel and petrol fumes? Barbecues? Fires? All these are much worse than second hand cigarette smoke in the open air, yet nobody complains about them because it’s an unsolvable problem.

Sue Harkin

I’m an ex-smoker, I gave up more than 11 years ago. No they should not ban smoking outside.

Anyone who doesn’t like walking near smokers, take a different path. Leave them alone. If they want to give up smoking they will, if they don’t they won’t – simple as that.

Paul Abernethy

If you want to smoke, do so in your own home or where others are not affected by your selfishness.

Liz Ann Hurcombe

Yes, in town. Because it is banned in pubs you get smokers outside pubs.

It’s not just the cigs stubbed on the path but it’s walking past. I am disabled and want to sit bit I can’t with people smoking. I also have asthma. Never mind clean air because of the cars but with smoking as well.

Rafet Ongun

After visiting Singapore I’ve realised how suffocating it is here in most outdoor spaces.

Debbie Wheelwright

Don’t ban it, just ban it outside the entrance doors to pubs, restaurants et cetera. And have smoking only outside dining areas.

Lesley Hudson

Pub beer gardens are not as nice as they were when all the smokers were inside. Banning outside a pub, I guess, should be up to landlord. But streets and parks, I don’t see how it would work.

James Herbert Butterworth

Let’s face it. All city centres are busy and, as much as I hate some inconsiderate smoker blowing smoke in my face, I can’t see this problem being solved. Life lesson, don’t smoke in the first place.

Glenn Stewart

We might as well live in North Korea.