Letter: Yorkshire needs major investment

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I never ceased to be amazed. Talk about a new London airport is gathering pace and, if approved, it could be completed within the next six years – the cost a meagre £50billion.

Yet Leeds, a major financial centre, a popular and industrious city with warmth, charm and character, is overlooked constantly by the British government.

This great and proud city needs investment. We need a modern rapid transit system – a tram or mono-rail would have been perfect – but as usual the government ‘can’t afford it’, so they ask Leeds City council to look into alternatives. They come up with a trolley bus scheme. Nothing fancy, a bit dated and hardly practical, but this too seems to have stalled. Maybe we can blame budget cuts, or the economy. Once again nothing is done for the people of Leeds.

Now I take a look at Leeds-Bradford Airport: once again, an outdated symbol of modern day flight, restricted to aircraft type due to runway restrictions, difficult to access due to roads being outdated and not being able to cope with the high volumes of traffic, and the lack of a rail link direct to the airport. OK, the airport is in private hands, but still massive improvements are required if we are to have any hope of developing and creating growth for our own economy and a reduction in unemployment.

Maybe Leeds-Bradford Airport should only be used for light and small aircraft, and maybe a brand new, purpose-built Yorkshire Airport should be built elsewhere in the county, an airport without restrictions, operating 24/7 and able to accommodate the largest of aircraft for cargo and passengers usage, a properly used facility, that would encourage economic growth, in a major way. There is flat level land at the side of the M1/M62 that could be used for a new airport/cargo/industrial land... Forward-thinking is required if the North wants to survive and prosper. We should not be ignored, and we should not let the South East get everything.

But I forget, this is the North of England, a pointless and forgotten part of the UK, with no future, no prospects no funding and no ideas.

So let’s not invest in the North, let’s spend £50billion on a new London airport (not from tax payers’ money), let’s spend further billions of pounds on the non-event of the Olympics, then demolish and convert parts of the Olympic stadium into a football ground, at the cost of further millions of pounds.

Why is this country so divided? Why do some parts demand and get more than others? Why is Yorkshire always left out in the cold?

Leeds, and Yorkshire, have an awful lot to offer this country, we just need the investment and infrastructure to be able to achieve this. Now where do we start?

Christopher Russell, Wakefield

YEP Letters: March 20