Letter: Widespread anger on route

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PLEASE excuse my writing once again, but I felt I must answer the comments made by your columnist Rod McPhee (YEP, June 13), implying that only fuddy-duddies would doubt the validity of the trolleybus scheme now it has been given the imprimatur of the ‘business community’, many of whose members, let it be said, live in more fashionable towns such as Harrogate and who would, in all probability, still insist on the right to drive into the centre of Leeds at any time of day.

Doubters like myself speak for the overwhelming majority of members of various local residents’ associations dotted along the proposed route.

One only has to attend a public meeting to witness the widespread sense of anger and frustration that is felt by people actually living in Leeds.

The latest tinkering with the route near the city centre addresses only some of the many concerns raised by local council tax payers.

The choice is not between a trolleybus and nothing, but between a system whose technology has serious limitations and other forms of transport and transport control more suited to the particular nature of the route.

Christopher Todd, by email