Letter: What happened to the party spirit?

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BEING sick of all the doom and gloom force-fed by the media, I lapped up the royal wedding last year and actually felt happy for a while and, with the Queen’s diamond jubilee approaching, I thought to myself, well, this will be a big one, there’ll be things going off everywhere for people to come together for a change.

If, like me, you live in Bramley, you are going to be disappointed. After noticing a distinct lack of posters and banners informing us of which park to pop along to with our picnics etc, I began to ring around only to find unless you include the bunting in Tesco, or you live in a street where everyone actually speaks to one another, knows their names and are prepared to risk everyone chipping in for the butties, you are going to be as bitterly disappointed as myself.

There is nothing going on in a street near you this weekend.

I rang Parks and Countryside who told me there was no reply from the events people, followed by the helpful suggestion of trying my local library.

He gave me a number of a branch of the libraries that holds information on local events. She didn’t know but gave me the web address for the ones I’d rang earlier. I moved on to Bramley Community Centre, where I was told by someone they’d no idea but gave me a number of someone who gave me someone else’s number who still didn’t know.

Now I’m sure you can sense the tether that I’m almost at the end of, but no, I’ll give the Labour MP for Bramley, Rachel Reeves a ring, surely she’ll know something? But no success.

Now, after a few days of calming myself down and arming myself with miles of bunting, paper plates, cups, hooters, car flags, table covers, waving flags, balloons and a sandwich tray all emblazoned with the Union Jack, I find that Rachel Reeves MP has been in meetings sorting out the shambolic bus services in and around Bramley.

So wish her luck, good folk of Bramley, because you’ll need one of her buses to get you out of here to attend all the other jubilee celebrations going on in parks around you.

God save the Queen!

Jo-Anne Smith, Ferncliffe Terrace, Bramley

YEP Letters: February 19